Why Using the Internet for Entertainment Purposes Isn’t Always a Waste of Time


Researchers constantly put out new data to support what everyone already knows about the internet, which is that it can be a major time drain. Indeed, hours of productivity can be lost by simply ‘cruising’ the net in search of the latest memes, funny videos, celebrity gossip, and other forms of entertainment. This might be the reason why some employers closely monitor what their workers do online, and even go as far as restricting access to the internet. Contrary to commonly held perceptions about using the internet for laughs, websites like Lolhit.com provide what often proves to be a much-needed break from reality. Going on the internet and searching up funny things that you can laugh at actually isn’t unnecessary or indulgent – and here’s why.

Everyone Needs a Break Sometimes

If every day you spent on earth was joyless, monotonous and predictable, you’d get sick of life pretty fast. There’s a reason that employers are legally required to give their employees breaks. For one, their bodies physically need time to recharge, stretch, and rest. And secondly, there’s a mental component involved with work breaks. Most people tend to do the same things on breaks, which consists of whatever they get enjoyment out of. Some people like to call home and speak to their co-workers. Another person might spend each one of their breaks huddled together with their buddies so that they can share gossip. Then there’s the workers who spend all 15 minutes of their breaks virtually glued to their phones, laughing to themselves as they watch hilarious videos or visit sites like GossipBae to get the latest celebrity gossip. Related: How Old is Gavin Magnus?

Getting Your Entertainment Fix on the Internet – Fast

Internet connection speeds are typically pretty fast nowadays. Within seconds of typing in a web address, you can expect to be fully connected and viewing content. This means that you can actually get on the web and find something that tickles your fancy faster than you can load a DVD, or drive to a sports bar. In short, the internet provides people with instant, on-demand entertainment that is as varied as it is fast. While critics might focus on the fact that using the internet for entertainment can lead to the development of a majorly bad habit, that doesn’t mean that this entertainment medium is intrinsically bad or worthless.

Laughing Makes You Feel Good Inside

It isn’t a secret that people have become a lot more personally attached to handheld web-based devices than to standard PCs or laptops. It might be because preferences can be set on smartphones in a way that can’t be matched on computers. Websites like YouTube recommend videos based on your viewing history, so if you have a penchant for watching cute kitten videos, you’ll never run out of material.

Amazingly, watching something entertaining on the web can cheer you up a lot quicker than a thoughtful greeting card or even an unexpected phone call. You get to sit quietly with your thoughts, taking in what you see, not being judged for your reaction, and most times, in the privacy of your own personal space. When you need a pick-me-up, the web is always available.

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