Why Tod?


If you think that foxes are some of the coolest animals in the kingdom… if you love wearing boutique indie-artist designs that none of your friends can find on the high street… if you hate low quality and irresponsible clothing manufacture, and want to enjoy your wardrobe guilt free… You’ve come to exactly the right place at Tod Boutique.

Hi, my name is Tim, and I learned my love of foxes in nighttime childhood adventures with my Gran.

We’d put out food in the garden, then tiptoe into the front room with the lights off. Sitting in the dark, bursting with anticipation, we’d wait for the foxes to come. I’ll never forget the magic of seeing them exerge silently from the shadows. Agile as cats. Silky smooth.

Rugged, quirky and elegant at the same time.


Rugged, quirky and elegant at the same time.

To me, they came to represent the heart of the British countryside. They’re such an awesome part of our wildlife. And yet, they’re so persecuted. We hunt them and chase them from their homes as the urban sprawl takes over their habitat. They’re demonised in the media, and seem to only get biased bad press.


But I know that’s not what most of us think of them. Fantastic Mr Fox is one of British literature and cinema’s most loved heroes. And Disney made one of the coolest and most fancied lead characters EVER a fox as Robin Hood.

So Tod Boutique is dedicated to Tod the fox and his bushy tail.

Because he’s awesome.

Tod personifies the lovable character of the British wilds. Sometimes he wants a snuggle. Other times he wants to grab some food. Other times he just wants to cause mischief. Tod cannot be tamed and has secret ways we’ll never quite get to the bottom of. Like when you see strange elusive footprints that disappear into impenetrable woodland thickets… where did he go?


Tod Leaves The Forest Organic Cotton T-Shirt

To make sure we have integrity to our love of Tod’s native habitat, we’re guided by some important principles. Our products are made fairly. We source sustainably using:

Breathable organic cotton – that also happens to be as soft as a hug from Tod himself.

UK based printers with low-waste ink technology – that reduces our footprint and also guarantees the highest quality prints

And every garment you buy directly helps Tod and his wildlife chums. £1 from each purchase goes to the Wildlife Aid Foundation (WAF), so the more you buy, the more good you do for Tod! Especially as you’ll be reminding everyone you meet how awesome foxes are, and raising awareness for their plight. The WAF use the donation money straight from your purchase to rescue and rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned animals.

Not only will you be supporting our dear British wildlife, you’ll be supporting our artists too. A commission from each product sold goes directly to the artist that designed it.


Tods Red Woolly Hat Organic T-Shirt

Like we said, we like being fair.

So take a browse around our store. See how many incarnations of Tod you can find.

And celebrate (and help save) Tod…

…our Great British fox.

Yours sincerely,


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