Why Teeth Aligners are More Convenient Than Ever


The benefits of having a straighter smile can hardly be overstated. People of all ages can relate to the feeling of confidence that comes from being able to smile without self-consciousness, laugh without holding back, and be in photos without construing your expression.

Having straight teeth can bring more confidence and happiness — so what holds anyone back from starting the process? Previously, getting braces has been the only option for getting straighter teeth and fixing a Crossbite. Visiting an orthodontist can be costly, painful, and take time away from school and work. And the years of wearing braces can also cause the wearer to be even more self-conscious about their smile.

But we’re happy to declare that there’s a better way. Clear aligners (such as Smilelove clear teeth aligners) resolve all of the hurdles previously mentioned to getting straighter teeth. The process is faster, more convenient, and more affordable. Aligners are more inconspicuous and do not interfere with the wearers eating habits as much as braces.

Have confidence through the straightening process

While getting braces used to be something reserved for pre-teens, more people than ever are wanting to straighten their teeth as adults. However, so many adults hold back on the process because they don’t want to be caught wearing braces for one to two years.

Clear aligners are the perfect option for adults because they are much less noticeable in person and nearly impossible to detect in pictures. The time it takes to straighten teeth is generally shorter as well, meaning both teenagers and adults alike can have more confidence throughout the teeth-straightening process.

Save money and time

Much lower than the costs of getting braces, clear teeth aligners cost around $1,500. Many people could write a check for this amount right away, rather than having to set up a payment plan or going into debt just to straighten teeth. And if you have dental coverage, it’s likely the insurer will pay at least part of the cost of the aligners, making the process even more affordable.

With aligners, you can have your teeth straightened without ever having to go to an in-office appointment. To start the process, an impression kit will be sent to your house with detailed instructions on how to make molds of your teeth. You’ll send the molds back with a prepaid label, and within two weeks you’ll have custom aligners to get you on your way to a straighter smile.

It usually only takes about 30 weeks to achieve the straight teeth you’ve been dreaming of. This means you’ll save a ton of time avoiding appointments and get results sooner. Talk about a win-win.

Clear aligners are not just for typical teeth-straightening. They can also fix gapped teeth, overcrowding, overbites, underbites, crossbites, and much more. They’re also a great option for those who had braces as a teenager but need to re-correct teeth that have become crooked again. Thanks to aligners, gaining more confidence in your smile has never been easier, more convenient, or more affordable.

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