Why Subscriptions Are Your New Best Friends

Looking for smart ways to save money yet still enjoy all the luxuries that you love? Then you cannot go wrong by embracing the various subscription services and deals available to you. Businesses all around the world are adopting the subscription business model for a variety of reasons and the great news is that it benefits you just as much as it benefits them. Below is a breakdown of the reasons why subscriptions are your new best friends.


This is the number one benefit of subscriptions. Almost every single subscription service is designed to save you money and, often, lots of it. Take the ZampleBox subscription deal, for example. This business specializes in the sale of vape juice. By signing up to receive a monthly box of vape juice, your must-haves can be carefully customized to your flavor profile for as little as $1/day and up to 70% off retail prices, depending on the plan that you select.

Another great example of a successful subscription service that saves hundreds of dollars every month is the Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. Essentially, you get unlimited access to the music of your choice at a discounted price. Choose to pay on a monthly basis or save even more by paying an annual fee.


A second advantage of subscriptions is you will be granted a trustworthy supply of whatever it is that you have signed up for. No need to worry about low or non-existent stock whenever you are running out. Obviously, this means that you will develop a strong sense of loyalty and trust in the brand, which is excellent news for the business. Business owners often implement subscription business models with the pure purpose of ensuring that their clients and customers keep coming back for more.

Control and Customization

You are often afforded plenty of control in terms of what you want out of your subscription to a specific product or service. Many businesses, like ZampleBox, allow you to customize what you get out of it so that your experience is properly optimized.

For instance, when signing up to receive your monthly vape box, you will have the chance to tell the brand what flavors you love, as well as request specific ones month to month based on your personal preferences. You will have your choice of over 300 respected vape juice brands, too.


There is something about being a part of a subscription membership or community that makes you feel special and valued as a client or customer. This feeling alone can make the experience worth it. The more extras that you get to indulge in by signing up, the better this feeling will be. So, ensure that you compare the various subscription services available in order to find one that ticks all the boxes!

See? From a cost-saving perspective to enjoying a fully customized experience, there are so many reasons why subscriptions should become your go-to solution for securing your daily luxuries and essentials. Start doing your research and signing up now!

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