Why Studying Online Can Help With Career Progression

There comes a point in most people’s lives if they are settled within their job that they decide they want to acquire further education or more training for their job. But, some people find this daunting as they think they need to do it the traditional way and spend months at a university, fitting it in around work to complete the degree.

However, this is not the case anymore as technology has advanced. With many free online courses with certificates available from providers such as SkillScouter, it is now possible to take more or less any course you wish online, and learn at a rate that is good for you; as well as have the support you need to complete the course.

The Support

Take an online masters degree in counseling, for example. If you are already working in the mental health field, then taking a Masters degree in this subject means that you can then go on to be a certified counselor. You will have the support and guidance you need from professors in that field guiding you through the course with the help of email, and other forms of support such as telephone and you can achieve the academic, practical and developmental assets needed to be successful in your Masters.

Your Work

You can continue to work in your current role as online learning enables you to attend classes that fit your work schedule and your lifestyle. It also shows your employers and potential new employers that you have excellent time management skills as you were able to juggle a job and complete a Masters degree at the same time. It shows a high level of discipline and commitment to wanting to further your knowledge of that field.

As you work through your online course, you will discover that you are learning about ideas and practices that can be applied to your current role straight away. This increases your value to your current employer as it can improve your performance and productivity.

The Money

Many online courses and degrees on offer are less expensive than the traditional universities as many of the courses can be cheaper than the bricks and mortar university ones. This will be because the resources that they need to pull on when the course is not online is substantially greater as they have to consider employment of professor costs, insurance costs, materials and generally costs of being a university.

It is also cheaper to be an online student as you can save money on not having to commute to the university each day, so saving on bus costs or car expenses, as well as not having to spend as much on course materials and books as most of it will be found online.

Online courses can help keep your mind focused on your job and provide you with the skills and knowledge to understand any complex issues that may arise in your role. You can keep adding value to your job whilst at the same time, saving yourself money by doing an online course and gaining a further degree.

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