Why Slippers Are So Popular During Lockdown

As we’ve moved from offices to our living rooms, our choice of workwear has drastically changed. People across the country have been seeking out loungewear and slippers to comfort themselves during the pandemic. It’s understandable, but is this more to this soft footwear trend?

Sudden Surge

The main reason for this trend is the simple fact that more people are working from home. Instead of having to wear heels or smart shoes, plenty of Brits are turning towards a comfortable pair of slippers. The demand for this soft footwear has been at an all-time high, and retailers across the country have sold out completely. Some have experienced a 300% increase in sales. It’s clear that people are seeking sources of comfort and warmth to help get them through a winter lockdown.

Designer Chic

It doesn’t look like this slipper trend is showing any signs of stopping, either. While slippers used to be regarded as old-fashioned, they have received a luxury makeover during the past year. Vogue has even described a certain brand as the supermodel shoe of lockdown. Well-known fashion designers have been creating some fabulous footwear. So it’s easy for you to look chic, and feel comfortable.


A smart pair of slippers could be a useful addition to your working wardrobe. Numerous studies have shown that getting dressed can have an impact on your mental health and productivity. While staying in your pyjamas all day may seem tempting, you should change into something different. A change of clothes can change your mindset. It doesn’t have to be your usual office attire. It’s clear that thousands of Brits have been opting for more comfortable clothing – and footwear – as part of their work from home routine.

Expert Opinion

However, experts warn against wearing slippers all day, every day. Eleanor Burt, a posture alignment therapist, told the Metro that barefoot is best for your feet during lockdown. She explained that while slippers have fewer problems than typical ‘High Street’ shoes, they can make your feet lazier, and less balanced. While you may think that protecting your feet is important, this can actually weaken them. Going barefoot forces your feet to work more.

Happy Medium

While it’s important to exercise your feet for posture and mobility, you can find a happy medium between barefoot and cosy loungewear. For instance, you could go barefoot during the day and slot in stretches to your work schedule. Then in the evening, grab a blanket, get your loungewear and slippers, and get cosy. It’s all about finding the balance and what works for you.

During these tough times, there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking sources of comfort. But remember to let your feet breathe from time to time. What’s your favourite pair of slippers?




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