Why silicone baking molds are great for cooking

The silicone baking mold is an invention for which we are eternally grateful to science. Not only do they take up much less space, you can ‘push’ out your freshly baked treats much more easily.
A silicone baking mold is nice and flexible, so you always get your baked goods out easily. They come in many shapes that you can find on custom silicone products. You can bake all kinds of things with them, such as cakes, cookies and cupcakes.  Here are some helpful tips!

  1. No grease

Actually, the most important tip is that you don’t have to grease silicone baking tins. The whole point of silicone is that the molds have a natural non-stick coating. Do you grease them? Then you are left with a greasy haze over the shape.

  1. No leftovers

Do you have annoying baking leftovers that won’t go away with just a little soap? Then put the mold in an oven at around 180 degrees for about ten minutes. This makes the leftovers softer and they disappear with good hot water and a little soap like snow in the sun.

  1. Buy several types of silicone bakeware

Do you bake a lot? And is that a cake one time and a cake the other time or something else? Then it is advisable to buy several types of silicone baking tins. That way you can vary very nicely and make a different baking every time. This way you always have a surprise what you put on the table, which is also nice for your guests.

  1. Pay attention to the quality of the silicone baking mold

Another important tip for baking with silicone baking tins: pay extra attention to the quality of the baking tin. Make sure you use the best silicone product manufacturer. Because they are quite flexible, you can also just break your cake. If the baking tins are too flexible in any case. You also have to be careful how you move it. With two hands and with some shapes, extra caution is required. So go for a really good shape.

     5. Do not use sharp objects

You have baked a delicious cake and now you want to take the cake out of the mold. In itself, this is very easy with a silicone baking tin, because it is a flexible material. If it doesn’t quite work, don’t use knives or other sharp objects to remove your baking from the mold. This not only damages the shape, but also removes the natural non-stick coating.

silicone baking mold

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