Why should you opt for titanium jewelry?

titanium jewelry

It is a universal fact that women love jewelry more than men but men are slowly catching up as well, by experimenting with their accessories. A single piece of jewelry does wonders to your outfit. It adds a bit of glamour and charm to your attire and a spark to your personality. It is more than just a style statement.

Jewelry, especially the expensive types – gold and silver – has been and is still a symbol of wealth. It glorifies you and your family and gives you a sense of pride. Jewelry comes in many forms today – necklace, anklet, bracelet, ring, earring, nose ring, chains and many, many more.

When we think of jewelry, we usually think of gold, silver and platinum. But lately there are so many other types of jewelry coming into the picture, each with its own target audience and fans. One such type of jewelry is titanium. This is rapidly leaving the other types behind in the race and taking lead. It is known for its strength and scratch resistance. Let us see a few advantages of buying titanium jewelry.

It is strong

This is titanium’s strongest characteristic. It is immensely strong, which makes it durable. Titanium is said to be at least 3 times stronger than steel. This means, it is not easy to break or dent it. Those of you who usually have work outdoors, running around from one place to another, one thing for you to know is that titanium is scratch resistant! We often complain about finding scratches on our jewelry upon falling flat on the ground. This is less likely to happen with titanium. Further, titanium jewelry can also be polished too, just like gold and silver to make it look brand new and increase their life. Did we mention your titanium jewelry’s color will not change over time or corrode either?

Benefits to your health

Let us talk some science here. You must be aware that human body cells are made up of atomic and electronic nuclei. The latter constantly gives out positive and negative charges which need to be balanced out. The unbalance of the same cause a string of effects that lead to symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, back pain etc. What makes it worse is our proximity to the several electronic appliances every day. They are sure to damage the balance in our body with the help of the electromagnetic waves they emit.

Titanium, being a metal, uses its ironizing skills to make sure the electrical current throughout our body is balanced, resulting in an enhanced metabolism and a reduction in the symptoms mentioned above. In fact, it does this job better than any other metal.

Another thing to factor in is that titanium is hypo allergic. If you steer clear of jewelry because of your sensitivity towards metals, titanium is now at your service, in its purest form. No allergic reactions such as skin irritation can occur with titanium jewelry on your body. This is because unlike gold, silver and others, this metal is not mixed with other allergic substances that can bother your skin.

Looks stylish

Now style is one of the biggest reasons why people opt for titanium. It just looks classy and elegant on you. Titanium has the most neutral colors which mean that it can be paired up with almost anything and would look great! A pair of skinny fit jeans and a black shirt go along with titanium rings just as much as a queen-like black evening gown. We would certainly go for something we can wear often as opposed to a one-time show, wouldn’t we?

Less traditional

Gold has been present since centuries and were preferred by the older generations. But we are the 21st century folks; shouldn’t we go for something less traditional? Titanium steps in to solve this problem too! Titanium dials down the traditional look of the jewelry which is heavily present in perhaps, gold. It looks a lot more modern and hip. This is why titanium jewelry is increasingly gaining popularity within the youth and even some of the older ones.

Having a unique wedding, quite different from the same old black-tie theme in big party hall? Maybe choosing titanium wedding rings can add to the uniqueness of the wedding too!

More affordable

Many of you spend a fortune on buying jewelry, especially when it is a big occasion such as a wedding. But what if we tell you that this is not necessary? You can still own jewelry of the same quality and the caliber at reasonable rates. Yes, we are talking about titanium jewelry here. Spend a fraction of what you usually spend such items and get a durable, stylish and classy looking little piece of jewelry.

When compared to its competitors i.e. other metals, titanium proves to be very cost-effective along with the many pros mentioned in this article. Is it not a really good buy then? This is because there is no extensive preparation process needed to produce titanium jewelry unlike the others. It does not need to be mixed with other metals but can stand on its own. All that needs to be done is some styling and shaping and voila, it is ready to be sold in the market!


When you are wearing a gold necklace or ring, do you need a constant reminder that it is on your body? No, you do not. But the weight of it does remind you. Titanium on the other hand is very lightweight. You can wear and forget that you are wearing it. Any accessory you put on should be comfortable for you to go about your daily activities without getting bothered by the weight of it. Add the lightweight characteristic to the fact that it causes no reactions to your skin to give you a comfortable time wearing this type of jewelry.

So, there you go. You now know everything you need to know before opting for this fine type of jewelry. Remember to go for a brand that you trust enough to buy from!

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