Why Should You Give Promise Rings?

A promise ring serves as a sign of commitment between two individuals that genuinely love each other. Take note that the operative word is “promise.” This ring shouldn’t only be considered as a sign of a serious relationship. It can also symbolize a multitude of other promises made by the two persons involved. Promise rings can be worn by both men and women. These rings can vary in size, but they all convey a meaningful significance to the wearer.


Understanding The Importance Of A Promise Ring

It’s important to realize that there is no set definition of promise rings. The definition entirely depends on the couple. It’s possible that the ring signifies a particular promise created by the the couple. In general, however, it is used to symbolize everlasting commitment. Plenty of couples wear promise rings as a sign of true and pure love for one another. Others, meanwhile, wear them to reflect their unparalleled devotion to each other. The most common reason why promise rings are shared with a romantic partner is to show commitment.


Other popular definitions of promise rings include:

  • I will always be at your side.
  • I promise to love you each and every day.
  • I will marry you someday.
  • I will quit any bad habit to please you.
  • I will forever be your best friend.
  • There are countless reasons to share a promise ring with a loved one, and it all revolves around a promise.
  • When To Purchase And Wear A Promise Ring?


You can find traditional and modern promise rings on the market or on sites such as Promiseringsforcouples.net. In today’s society, promise rings are more commonly seen in younger couples. This is because they are not as binding as engagement or wedding rings.


Here are some examples of promise rings and their associated meanings:

Heart Stone Claddagh Promise Ring – This is a promise ring that serves as a token of love in the Irish culture.

In some cases, promise rings are also referred to as pre-engagement rings, purity rings and chastity rings.

Pre-engagement rings – As the term implies, this ring is given by a man to the woman he intends to get engaged with and eventually marry in the future. A matching ring is traditionally worn by the man as a sign of staying true to his promise. This is the most common reason why couples wear promise rings. The engagement and wedding rings replace the pre-engagement rings subsequently.

Purity rings – Sometimes called chastity rings, these are worn by couples who have pledged to abstain from sexual intercourse before marriage. The rings can also be a sign of avoiding negative habits including using drugs, excessive drinking of alcohol and smoking.

Friendship rings – Promise rings are not only worn by romantic couples. Friendship rings are shared between two friends to show that they will always ready and willing to help each other during difficult times. In such a case, the meaning of the promise ring isn’t associated with a romantic affair, albeit with a true friendship with an unbreakable commitment.

Religious rings – These rings are worn by people who want to show their commitment to a particular faith. For instance, a person may wear a religious ring to show commitment to a specific religion or promise to follow and practice the teachings of a certain saint.


Designs Of Promise Rings

There are many different styles of promise rings, but the most traditional come with heart symbols. Nowadays, it’s easy to find promise rings in a wide variety of stylish and elegant designs.

It’s important to note that promise rings have a different look from engagement rings. Not to mention, the meaning behind them are different as well. This is why the intention must be made clear when it comes time to give the ring.


How To Wear Promise Rings

It doesn’t matter on which hand and finger the promise rings are worn. What matters most is the commitment shared by the couple wearing them. For pre-engagement rings, most couples wear them on their ring finger. The engagement rings will eventually take their place, and they will be worn on the same finger.

When it comes to friendship promise rings, it’s a good idea to avoid wearing them on the ring finger. This way, any misunderstandings about romantic affairs can be eliminated.

For purity rings that serve as a symbol for sexual abstinence, then the ring finger of the right hand is where they should be worn. If they symbolize abstinence from bad habits, it doesn’t matter on which finger they are worn.


Engraving Of Promise Rings

If you want to make your promise rings appear more unique, genuine and personal, then you may want to consider having them engraved. It’s usually best to keep your message short, simple and sweet. Aside from a personal message, you can also consider engraving dates, religious quotes, secret messages, inspirational words, names and intimate sentiments.

A promise ring can signify a lot of things, but regardless of its purpose, it truly is an excellent way of showing your love and commitment to your partner.

Finally, the most important thing is to hold on to your promise!

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