Why Retinol Cream Can Make You Look Younger

Deciding what serums, creams, lotions, and cleansers as part of your skincare routine can feel overwhelming.

Walking down the beauty aisle, it can feel stressful as there are simply so many options that all claim to be able to perfect the imperfect parts of your skin. So, what ones do you choose? How do you know what skincare products are actually right for you and your own skin’s needs?

Well, despite the enormous range of skincare products promising to have the “it” remedy, there is one ingredient that the majority of dermatologists and doctors agree on—retinol is a magician at zapping wrinkles.

One of the best ways that retinol is able to get rid of wrinkles is when it is mixed into a retinol cream product. Don’t believe us? Here is everything you need to know about retinol and why it can actually make you look younger!

1. Retinol is from vitamins

In fact, retinol is a result of vitamin A and has been proven to enhance the health of the skin. Because it is a natural ingredient, and not a chemical, retinol is a safe solution to getting rid of those pesky lines and wrinkles that so many of us are desperate to avoid! This happens because as our skin cells start to stockpile as they stop growing with our age, the retinol is able to come in as a natural normalizer and get the skin cells to start working properly again—eliminating that build-up that can cause these skin deformities in the first place.

2. Retinol is used in many acne products

Retinol is such an effective tool that it is often the choice for helping people combat acne! This is because retinol is a wizard at being able to unclog skin pores and eliminate any opportunity for future build-up. This means that retinol is able to also prevent future acne breakouts—which is quite remarkable!

3. Retinol is easily available

Beauty products use retinol differently in their ingredients, meaning that different retinol creams are available in different places. For example, you can order retinol creams online or simply pick it up at a local drugstore. But for the heavier duty retinol creams, often dermatologists will need to write you a prescription for this as the effects on your skin will be more intense. But in general, it is always good practice to consult with your doctor first around the type of creams you use on your skin.

4. Retinol should be used strategically

In order to reap the full benefits of retinol making your skin look young, you should be very diligent about when and where you are using a retinol cream. Retinol is a strong ingredient, so make sure to wait a few minutes in between washing your face with a cleanser and applying the retinol. And if you are fair-skinned, avoid using retinol cream during the day, or your skin will become trained to need it to stay protected against the sun; instead, save it for your evening skincare routine.

5. Retinol consistently means long-term results

Retinol is a powerful tool for making your skin look youthful. But using retinol cream is not a one-trick wonder to giving you forever youthful-looking skin. Instead, you should be using retinol cream routinely in your skincare to see the best results. Consistency is key when using retinol to give your skin a youthful appearance!

Retinol cream is an absolute must for those that want great skin as they continue to age. Using it in your skincare routine is a great way to ensure your skin always looks radiant and beautiful—with no make-up required! So say goodbye to blocked up skin cells and hello to radiant youthful skin!

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