Why its time to consider an outdoor fireplace

The latest interior trend taking over the nation is the addition of an outdoor fireplace. Imagine it: Sitting out under the stars, enjoying drinks and gossiping with friends, all while staying warm and toasty. Sounds good. And let’s not forget the total ‘wow factor’ an outdoor fireplace can create for the modern home.

If you’ve ever hoped to create a style that replicates your favorite celebrities’ homes, then an outdoor fireplace is definitely something to consider. In fact, there are a whole number of reasons you should consider this stunningly luxurious feature for your home. We’ve highlighted just a few below:

It’s great for entertaining guests

As the pandemic has forced the nation to limit socializing to outdoor spaces, our gardens have become a popular gathering point for friends and family. Well, with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, the cold, slightly uncomfortable drinks in the garden in the middle of April are no longer. With this upgrade, you and your friends will be enjoying the warmth of a roaring fire without breaking the rules.

You can stay outside for longer

There are only so many blankets and jumpers you can wear before saying ‘enough is enough’. With an outdoor fireplace you can continue to enjoy your outside space long after the sun goes down and the chill arrives. In the UK, we’re graced with very few warm evenings in a year, but by installing a unit outside you can utilize the garden all year round.

There’s no limit to the styles available

You might think you need a huge garden space in order to install an outdoor fireplace. But think again! There are so many different designs and sizes making this feature achievable for just about anyone. You can find your dream outdoor fire online, or in a fireplace shop London and beyond. 

Installation is easier

Indoor fire installations can be stressful, time consuming and expensive. But without the need for tearing down walls or creating a chimney flute, outdoor fires are a much easier project to complete. Fire pits have become incredibly popular as of late, with even major supermarkets offering smaller, transportable versions. But by creating a seating area and permanent feature in the garden, you can utilize your space more than you ever imagined.

It’ll add value to your home

Unlike a portable fire pit, an outdoor fireplace feature can add serious value to your home. Whether the potential buyer is a young socialite couple, or a modern family who love the outdoors, a patio with a fire and seating could be the feature that sets your home apart from the others.

If the past year has forced you to make more use of your outdoor space, it’s time to take it to the next level. Continue the momentum of pandemic DIY projects and get started on creating your very own oasis in the back yard. Even when all restrictions are forgotten, you’ll never regret creating a welcoming and dreamy space you and the whole family can enjoy.

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