Why Investing In Your Clothing Could Be The Right Decision For You

The way in which we shop can have a huge impact on our lives and our finances. Typically, women spend a lot more money on clothing and accessories than men. In the eyes of most people, this is considered to be because women are simply more interested in fashion (with a few exceptions). In reality, it is much deeper set than that. The fashion industry moves much quicker for women than it does for men, especially when it comes to the high street. Each season features, multiple trends, which are then all put to bed as soon as the next season is upon us. Keeping up can be exhausting, and it’s all too easy to fail at doing so! That is why so many women have now started to invest in better quality clothes on a less frequent basis. Here’s why…

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You save money in the long term

Buying from discount stores all the time may make it initially look like you just keep getting great deals. However, take a look back at all the money you’ve spent on clothes over the past few months, and how much it has actually all amounted to. Then, see how much of that clothing haul you actually wear regularly, and how much has broken or faded beyond recognition. There’s nothing at all wrong with buying a cheap dress for a one-off night out – but make a habit of it and it could end up costing you a fortune. Buying less often, but buying a quality piece, could actually save you money in the long term. Plus, you can even get €10 gift vouchers for the slightly more high end of the high street too.

Quality clothing looks better

You know those people you see and they just look really well put together? Well, they’re probably wearing investment pieces of clothing. Some cheap clothes can be incredibly deceptive, but for the most part, after a while they can easily look worn and tired. Certain materials can also be a dead giveaway to the quality of a piece of clothing or a shoe. Faux leather can sometimes appear far too shiny and anything too thin or unintentionally sheer can also appear to be of a poor quality (polyester, we’re looking at you here). Pick your materials wisely – shirts should be crisp, sweaters thick and dresses luxe.

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You can sell it on after you’ve worn it

Providing you look after your quality pieces of clothing, they should last you a lifetime. However, there may come a point where you are ready to part with one or two of them – simply because your style has evolved since you bought it. In most cases you would be unable to sell a cheap piece of clothing as you would struggle to find a buyer, especially if it has been worn to death. But well-cared for quality pieces (especially designer ones) can still make you a pretty penny. Utilize sites like eBay and Depop to find a new home for a much loved item.

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