Why Implementing QR Codes Can Benefit Your Business

qr codes

More brands are inquiring about the costs and benefits of printing Quick Response codes on packaging. While QR code technology dates back nearly thirty years, the fact that over 80% of people around the world now own smartphones makes it easier for more consumers to scan QR code packaging and access encoded information or be directed to a set destination. Here are some of the main benefits of including QR codes on product packaging. 

Direct Customers To Your Business

A business can use QR codes to share information or direct customers to any destination. Adding a code to snacks packaging can lead from a one-time purchase to customers learning more about a brand and purchasing products again. 

The type of business and goals for conversions and feedback can point a decision-maker toward the best approach to using QR codes. A Connected Packaging supplier can help brands decide whether identical or serialized codes are the right approach for product packaging.

Make Your Business Interactive

Brands strive to interact with consumers because customers are more likely to recall, recommend and rebuy products made and sold by brands with which they have a relationship. Printing QR codes on Mylar bags or other product packaging is an easy and relatively low-stakes way for small- and medium-sized brands to experiment with creating an interactive experience for consumers.

Decision-makers should take the time to strategize about whether codes are intended to be scanned during distribution, in retail environments or by end consumers. Other desirable outcomes that become possible once codes are scanned include offering encouragement to leave a review that leads to more conversions or using code scans as an easy way to drive up participation in loyalty or reward programs.

Prove Products Are Authentic

Serialized QR codes can be used to verify the authenticity of products. A Connected Packaging provider can recommend the best way to print unique codes on each package. From the location of codes on packaging to the information that codes contain, there are many ways to increase the likelihood that the desired parties will scan QR codes.

Product packaging printed with identical QR codes does not support tracking of individual packaged products, but can still benefit a business in a variety of ways. Identical codes can direct every customer to a website to increase traffic. It is important to make sure that a site and code-specific landing pages load quickly and are ready to handle an uptick in traffic. The ability to identify a QR code as the origin for this traffic can be beneficial for market research purposes.

QR codes can link to website URLs or even direct users to download applications. These optical codes can also contain phone numbers or up to 4,000 characters of text. While QR codes are not as convenient for those who do not have smartphones, these codes stand to benefit a growing majority of consumers and are an effective way to update product packaging and encourage real-world customers to connect with a business online.

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