Why I Can’t Wait for Winter

Warm Nights by the Fire

Ah, winter—my favorite time of year!

One of the best parts of this wonderful season is the fireplace. There’s something so reassuring about hunkering down inside your home with a big wooly blanket and a toasty fire. Winter just about forces you to appreciate the things that we more often than not take for granted, like warmth and shelter, especially when the air is full of wind and snow!

Many animals hibernate in the winter, and I’m no exception! Once the temperature drops, I’m going to do a lot of napping on my plush living room couch. I also look forward to blasting holiday tunes and drinking hot teas and cocoas with my family after long days of skiing and sledding—you just can’t beat that feeling of coming back to household comfort!

Everyone Is in Such a Good Mood

With Christmas just around the corner, everyone is cheery, and much more willing not only to take care of others, but to appreciate what they have. I’ve noticed that this positive spirit usually arrives around November, right before Thanksgiving, and persists until well after the New Year.

I adore seeing people live in harmony despite life’s many difficulties. There might still be a few Scrooges out there, but even they tend to smile when everyone around them is celebrating the most extraordinary time of the year with family, friends, and great food. By the way – did you know that Ebenezer Scrooge is based on a real person?

I Love the Snow Each Year

Every year brings snowfall in varying amounts. It may sound strange, especially to those who live in warmer areas, but I like being stuck at home with a foot of snow piled up at the front door.

Plus, it’s nice to go outside and make snowmen once the weather calms. Perhaps this is childish, but it’s something I love to do, and my family has always been dedicated to making use of all the powder. Snow has the amazing ability to trigger the kid in all of us!

This year, I’ll appreciate the snow even more, because it’ll allow me to do something I’ve been meaning to do for some time. I’ve scheduled a facelift before the weather gets bad so that, when the clouds finally do roll in, I can stay inside and steer clear of anyone who might see my bandages and post-surgical swelling. In short, I can recover in peace!

I want my facelift to be seamless, and also want to be able to walk out of the house when the snow begins to melt; I’ll be a like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon. Who would have thought that snow could be your best friend?

Fun Sledding Excursions

Another childish love I have is sledding. Most people my age, unless they have kids, gave up sledding a long time ago, but I still find so much joy in bounding down snowy hills!

My favorite hills are the tallest and steepest available; I’ve always been a risk-taker. If I had to explain what cruising down a drop feels like to someone who has never sledded, I’d compare it to getting stomach butterflies—it’s almost like you’re on a theme park ride! I know a few massive hills that can get you cruising at the speed of a car, and I look forward to hitting them again.

Delicious, Spiced Seasonal Drinks

Winter is the best time of the year to try some delicious seasonal drinks, from craft holiday beers to coffees and cocoas. I like wine just as much as the next proudly Italian guy, but during the frostier months, I prefer to drink beers with hints of chocolate, cinnamon, and even eggnog.

Here’s a confession: Starbucks is my guilty pleasure. As a seasoned coffee drinker, I actually enjoy the seasonal flavors and spices that beverage companies like Starbucks release annually.

I can’t wait for winter’s “wrath” to roll around this year. How about you?

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