Why consider a career in the military?


For any young person who is looking at their career options, joining the military is a viable choice. Not only does it give you the opportunity to defend America, but it also has a whole host of other benefits. There are many branches in the military, such as the Army, Navy, and Air Force, and within these separate divisions are numerous roles ranging from front line to engineers.

It’s a great career option

Military service is a superb career option, especially for young people. Even when the US economy is in trouble and jobs are scarce, the military is always recruiting. This means that it is a sensible choice for any young person out there who can’t find work and wishes to build a solid career.

It’s not just the fact that there are jobs available that makes it such a good option. Once you have joined, it will give you a superb career with plenty of chances to progress as you work your way up. The sense of duty it gives is great for character-building, and the feeling of being in a secure, lifetime profession with a great career path is highly valuable. The other big advantage is that it will help keep you physically fit, which is great for your well-being throughout life.

Pay and benefits

In addition to being a great career move in general, the actual package you get as a military employee is amazing. An enlisted person starts at a $20,000-a-year salary, along with the benefits you get for being in the military. These include full medical coverage for you and your family and a full pension on retirement after serving 20 years or more.

Once you start moving up the ranks, the salary increases as you would expect. A new Second Lieutenant starts at $36,000 a year, while nuclear-trained Navy personnel can move up to $90,000 a year once they have served three years and re-enlisted.

Chance to build your skills

If there is one thing that the military is famous for, it’s the training it gives and the way it builds character. Most people in the military will carry out a variety of tasks over their career and move into some sort of leadership role, which is a great personal development tool. By taking advantage of all this when serving, you will naturally become a more well-rounded person and pick up skills you would not have otherwise gained.

Are there any downsides to service?

It would be totally remiss to pen an article about military service without talking about the drawbacks. The major downside of being in the military is that you may be killed in service if you are a combat troop or serving in a dangerous part of the world in other roles.

The other factor you must consider before joining is whether it is really for you. Not everyone is cut out for the military lifestyle, and those who aren’t do not last long. You will simply not enjoy it if you do not embrace and love everything that a military career brings. Another vital part of this is choosing the role in which you will serve carefully.

Life after service

There comes a time in every soldier’s life when he decides to retire. Depending on when this is, you may need to find employment in the private sector afterward. Luckily, there are many jobs you could move into, whether it’s the police force or security services where your military skills will be directly transferrable.

It’s not just jobs where combat or physical skills are needed that will be open to you. Individuals like politician Mark Green show how these sorts of careers are an option, too. He enjoyed a long and successful career in the military before leaving in 2006. Upon entering civilian life, he used his leadership and people skills honed in the military to forge a new career in politics.

Other famous names to have served in the military include actor Clint Eastwood and film director Oliver Stone. The job market is looking for the skills you will have picked up, from office managers who need to show leadership to IT professionals who know how to work to deadlines.

Is the military for me?

The choice of joining the military to serve is an entirely personal one. There are many benefits to recommend it and it is certainly a great option for young people who are struggling to find work or a purpose in life. Think carefully before you join to make sure it’s for you. If it is, you will likely have a long career that will set you up for life.

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