Why build your personal brand with a personal website

When I used to create marketing campaigns for company’s I was able to show my portfolio with my website and when I applied for jobs I had real examples instead of just a resume.

Just imagine you see your dream job and there are hundreds of people applying, why should they invite you for an interview? If you want to stand out, being your own brand and having a website that proves your skills can help your career enormously. If you are an entrepreneur and you want to show your expertise a personal website helps to gain more trust from clients.

Who should become a personal brand?
If you are a creative, a blogger, entrepreneur or just looking for an advantage in your career becoming your own personal brand might be the best solution. Even if you have a hobby and want to share it with the world, who knows it might turn into a business! Actually I believe everyone should have a website this day and age because you will have total control over your online image, this way you own your data and not other people that might post something random about you online.

Build a personal website
When you start building a website you first need to think of a good name. This can be your company name, your own name or a name that is easy to remember. Second you want a platform where you can easily build a website without having to struggle with programming or code, and don’t worry you can do this without hiring an expensive website designer.

With Domain.ME you can have your own personal domain, you will receive a custom .ME domain and you have the opportunity to get a short, highly-branded and memorable domain name with a personal feel to it. With Name.com you can easily create a professional website, with 40 fully customizable templates that are mobile friendly. I like the drag and drop system so it’s easy to place content wherever you want and it won’t take longer than a day to have your website up.  Take control of your online presence and have your website up and running today visit: http://dot.me/1Ov3K7C 

Your brand image 
Now that you have your website you should not only think about the content. But also what image you want to portrait to the world. Do you want to show off your expertise? And what qualities do you want to be linked to your brand? Is it important that your personality shines through the pages of your website? It can be confusing I suggest you note on a piece of paper what you want to portrait to the world and what tools you are going to use.

Expert in your field
Becoming an expert in your field can be a great way to bring your career to the next level. You do this by targeting a niche market or talking about one or two specific subjects. I’m sure as a person you have different talents but if you want to show off expertise its better to focus on one or two subjects. In this way when people think of your personal brand they associate it with your chosen subjects.

Build up credibility
When you are an entrepreneur, blogger or creative and you already have some great clients ask them for testimonials that you can publish on your website. This creates credibility, new clients see you worked with other company’s before and they can see what results you delivered for previous clients. If you want to show clients they can trust you publish some of your best work as case studies.

From my experience having a personal website is the easiest way to stand out. When I used to create marketing campaigns for company’s I was able to show my portfolio with my website and when I applied for jobs I had real examples instead of just a resume. Don’t wait any longer build your personal website today!



“This post was inspired and sponsored by Domain.ME, the provider of the personal domains that end in .ME, and Name.com, a registrar that provides services like custom website design. They aim to promote thought leadership to the tech world. All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own, however.”


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