Why Astrology & Tarot Readings Are Good For The Mind


There are so many myths that claim the practice of tarot is ‘evil’ or used by people with bad intentions, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  As well as this, there are people who refuse to believe in the powers of astrology, and although everyone is certainly allowed their own opinion, I do find that many misunderstand what astrology is all about. Both of these practices can be beneficial for your mind and wellbeing if you practice them correctly; if you are wondering just how this could be, then keep on reading!


A lot of people are surprised when I tell them that astrology can be good for the mind and your wellbeing; just like tarot cards, it can help you to reveal negative behavioural patterns that you may need to overcome, but it can also warn you of obstacles in life that are to come. Astrology cannot predict your future, but instead, allows you to be in more control of what happens in your life.

Astrology teaches that there is a connected pattern between the structure of the solar system and the biomechanical structures of the body and mind. This does not at all mean that the planets control you, but the planets can create atmospheres that could determine our current situation and how difficult or easy the situation is to overcome.

Tarot Readings

First and foremost, Tarot requires an open mind and so you need to have quite a good mind set before you even begin to practice; you must be unguarded, and willing to learn, so even before you start Tarot you are in a good state of mind. Each of the Tarot cards represents a certain situation, or energy in your life, and the guidance that Tarot can give you can be very beneficial in making decisions. I would advise seeking guidance from a mentor who can teach you how to practice safely, as if Tarot is done correctly it can have a good effect, but can also do the opposite. If you would like to sample a free, online Tarot reading visit EvaTarot.

There are certain cards you can draw that are good for mental health signals, such as ‘Moon Reversed’ can indicate general mental health issues that have not yet been explored. The ‘Tower’ card could indicate a crisis in your life. Although health issues can sometimes be seen in Tarot, it is certainly no replacement for diagnosis or true therapy – it can simply guide you in the right direction for health and happiness. Furthermore, as you perhaps already know, meditation is fantastic for your mind and tarot can actually be used to aid you in this spiritual practice too in order to enhance the experience.

With any luck, I have convinced you (even the tiniest bit) that both of these forms of physic readings can have a fantastic effect on your mind, whether it is, opening and expanding your mind to new things, or working towards healing a previous wound. Overall, these practices encourage you to focus on yourself and mental wellbeing, and this is so important to do.

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