Who will be my quarantine?  Dating at the time of lockdown

There seems to be a total panic among singles now that we have to collectively self-isolate and therefore everyone wants to quickly meet their true love. Fearing a very lonely quarantine, the most urgent question among bachelors suddenly seems ‘who will be my quarantine?’ to be. And how are you going to get to know a complete stranger at a time when you are explicitly asked to do social distancing?

Dating during a pandemic is more difficult than ever before. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you have to stop your search for true love. No, finding love during this crisis simply requires some creativity. So if after days of endless texting with your new date you are ready for the next step choose one of the corona proof alternatives. The new reality is that we can’t just date physically just yet but don’t panic in this article we will discuss some creative options. And you will see you can still date with one of these fun tips!

How can you get to know each other now?

You may not be able to meet in real life, but you can get to know each other better with Cambridgeshire dating site. Really treat it like a date. Set a date and time and be punctual. You don’t usually send messages / text messages to others or household chores during a date. This is still true today. Precisely because of the mandatory distance, there is a good chance that a closer bond will develop faster.

Face-time by candlelight

Share your favorite recipes with each other. Or look for a recipe that you both don’t know yet. Light a candle and create a romantic setting. With Skype, Face-time, Google hangouts you can see each other while talking to each other. Did you already choose a recipe together? Perhaps now is the time to dine “together”.

Netflix together

You can do a video call and watch a movie together. Choose a movie, count down and both press “Play”. This way you can enjoy the film together. Take a break to grab popcorn? If you use Google Chrome as a browser, this extension makes starting and pausing a little easier.

Send a present

Gift delivery staff are busy and keep a distance when delivering, so don’t make it too extravagant, but having a small gift delivered can be a nice surprise for the person you just came into contact with.

Make plans for later

It is currently not possible to see your date from Mature Cambridgeshire Dating but daydreaming is still allowed. Think together about outings or trips you would like to take. Is there anything you would love to do or a place you would like to visit? Or maybe something you already know but would like your partner to experience. Think together what your first holiday would look like.

Give a video tour

Videotour each other in your own home or neighborhood. Maybe you grew up here and can tell something about the place. Maybe you have just arrived and it is just as much a journey of discovery for you as it is for others.

Virtual concert

Do you have the same music interest? Then attending a concert is the perfect first date. The music gods have blessed us with a series of living room concerts by the best artists in the world – after all, they are also bored at home. Plenty of choice when choosing a nice concert that you can enjoy together. You may even be shuffling virtually together at the end of the date. You can’t get more romantic, can you?

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