Who is Skully

About Skully

Skully is one of the most promising new artists to enter the Contemporary Hip Hop – Rap genre in the past 5 years. Being a Philadelphia native, Skully was influenced by many of Hip Hops top names. His influences arrived from many artists over the past two decades. Hip Hop greats such as LL Cool Jay, Philadelphia’s Beanie Seagal, and working directly with Grammy Producers Justice League.

It is well-known that Skully released his first Single on July 1, 2016. This release is being skillfully handled through GIG Music Group and features Platinum Rapper N.O.R.E. The Single is termed “Fully Loaded” because of its powerful message and ability to capture listeners’ attention.

“Fully Loaded” emulates the internal struggle within the urban community and is assured to strike the right cord for success. “Fully Loaded” is a unique combination of Hip Hop and Rap. It’s integration of Platinum Rapper N.O.R.E.’s incredible talent has placed “Fully Loaded” in contention for global recognition and Top of the Charts.


Skully moved from Philadelphia in 1999, to further blend his craft with other music genres in Tampa, Florida. Why Tampa? Tampa is rich in culture and has a reputation for producing top-notch talent within all genres. This strategy has served Skully well, as he has been able to create a portfolio of songs that will serve to advance his progress after the launch of “Fully Loaded”. Yes, “Fully Loaded” is only the beginning of Skully’s impact on the music world.


Skully has evolved over the years to an exceptional contemporary sound. His ability to provide a unique approach to Hip Hop, has made “Fully Loaded” a personal reflection of his individuality. The cumulating of life experiences and legendary Hip Hop artists such as, Nas, Joe Pun and Terrorsquad; have made “Fully Loaded” a powerful new single.


This new single is Skully’s debut to the Hip Hop and Rap music genres. This long awaited masterpiece has been developed through a decade of perfecting his passion. Skully is not new to the music world, as he has had the pleasure of working with Grammy Producers Justice League. Skully and GIG Music Group are the perfect team to bring “Fully Loaded” to the forefront of the Hip Hop and Rap community.


Skully’s decades of building his own personal sound, has cumulated into this new Single that has received rave reviews from the nations’ toughest critics. This is because of the care taken by the artist and production teams to get everything right. “Fully Loaded” was make carefully planned in 2015 and produce in the GIG Music Group Studios in the first half of 2016. It is now poised to make an impact on the music community in the second-half of 2016. If you would like to learn more or listen to a sampling of “Fully Loaded”, go to www.IamSkully.com.

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