Which glasses shapes suit you the best?

If you have to wear glasses, you will already understand what a big impact they have on your overall look. When you make a wise choice you look fantastic. But, make the wrong one and you end up having to endure a few months of feeling self-conscious as you save up to replace them.

Most people genuinely cannot afford to buy the wrong eyewear. With this in mind, we have decided to explore which frame type suits which face shape.

Glasses for people with round faces

Let’s start with an easy one, round faces. That is to say men and women with faces that are about the same width and length, people who have fuller cheekbones and non-angular facial features. For them, round glasses from EyeBuyDirect or another good-quality but low-cost retailer are a great choice. They really complement their features.

Glasses for a square face

But, if your face is as wide as it is long, you should not automatically assume that it falls into the round category. If you have a strong jawline your face is better categorized as square-shaped. That means that you should do the opposite of people who have round faces and go for a slightly more angular style. Square frames with softened off corners will look especially good on you.

Eyeglasses for oval-shaped faces

If your face is softly rounded but slightly longer than it is wide, you fall into the oval shape category and are spoilt for choice. It really does not matter what frame shape you choose, they should look good on you.

Eyewear for a heart-shaped face

People with heart-shaped faces have a forehead that is wider than their cheekbones. Their face gently tapers down as you travel towards the chin area. Usually, they have well-defined cheekbones and a small chin. They look fantastic in some of the classic styles. In particular, cat-shaped eyeglasses or Clubman style eyewear.

Buying glasses for a triangular-shaped face

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the triangular-shaped face. If your jaw and/or cheek area is the widest point of your face you need to balance things out a bit. For you, cat’s eyeglasses would be a good option, as would glasses that feature a brow line bar.

Prescription glasses for a rectangular-shaped face

This last face shape is quite rare. If, when you measure your face, you discover that your face is slightly longer than it is wide, it would be categorized as a rectangular-shaped face. Again, glasses that have a strong brow line are likely to suit you the most. But, you can also carry off square-shaped lenses.

Don’t forget about frame size

Once you have found a pair of glasses that have the correct frame shape, there is one more important thing to do. Make sure that they are the right size. To do this you will need to physically measure your face. This tutorial explains how to do this in 9 easy steps.

Using the above guide, finding the right type of glasses for you should prove to be a lot easier. But, if you are still in doubt, ask an optician or an online eyeglasses retailer for help. They will be only too willing to do so.

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