Which fashion trend do you miss?


Women’s style has certainly evolved in the past 100 years. We’ve gone from gogo boots to sky high heels, long hippie hair to crimped pony tails, and mini skirts to harem pants. Even high waisted jeans have come full circle! Fashion in the year 2015 is constantly stealing from older generations, and we love it. When patterned leggings came back, it was very reminiscent of the year 1995- and 20 somethings are wearing clothes that replicate what they wore in their toddler days!

Some of the retro looks that have been coming back to the runway are: short 20’s styled hair, wide legged flare jeans, and 90’s rocker threads. Though some trends should stay in the past (I’m talking to you, belly shirts and neon jumpsuits!) many of our closets are hoping for a wardrobe from the ghost of fashion pasts. Which fashion trend do you miss?


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