When You Should Bite the Bullet and Hire a Moving Company

When You Should Bite the Bullet and Hire a Moving Company

There are lots of us who would rather save a buck than outsource anything, choosing to find creative ways to tackle most tasks ourselves. Sometimes it’s our good old fashioned resourcefulness at play, and other times we’re on a budget and just can’t afford extra expenses.

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When it comes to moving, often we enlist a handful of friends with the promise of pizza and beer, or take advantage of helpful family members, boxing up and carting our own belongings to our new place, hoping that we don’t break anything or throw our back out in the process. Moving is one of those things, especially if you’ve done it often, that we see as a necessary chore.

But there are some cases in which you should consider spending the extra money and hiring a moving company. Moving companies are experienced in moving a wide array of fragile, heavy and/or unique items, can assist in providing boxes (and even sometimes boxing up items for you), and more. Below, we’ve listed a few instances in which hiring a mover might be your best bet.

If you Own Large and/or Heavy Bulky Items

Just because you can borrow a dolly from work and get a few close friends to help you move that 100-year old piano that weighs a ton, doesn’t mean you should. With large, extremely heavy and fragile items, the risk of injury or damage to the item is simply too great. Hiring a mover, even if it’s just to tackle those specific items, is well worth the money. Professional piano movers, for instance, are experienced and trained to expertly move those sentimental and valuable items that also happen to be heavy and bulky, without doing any damage to the item or causing any injury.

You can hire movers to handle any heavy or bulky item of value, from your kids’ handbuilt swingset to your expensive art equipment, and more. There is no sense in risking injury and property damage by moving things yourself just to save a few bucks. Hire a professional.

Vulnerable/Fragile, and Expensive Items

You might be breaking out in hives, thinking about trying to pack up and move that expensive wedding china or the heirloom crystal bowls passed down by your grandmother. That expensive stemware is not only fragile, but irreplaceable. You can be as careful as possible, carefully wrapping each individual peace, using lots of packing material, and driving 10 miles per hour to your new home…or you can hire professional services to carefully pack and transport those expensive, fragile pieces that you treasure.

Monetary value is one thing. Sentimental value is quite another. Professional movers are experienced and well trained in handling all your expensive, fragile and meaningful items. It is worth the money to hire someone with expertise in this area, so you can ensure your treasured valuables are safe.

Moving Long Distance

If you’re moving a long distance away, such as out of state or even cross country, by the time you pay for all the moving supplies, packing material, hiring a rental truck/van, and all the gas it will take to make multiple trips over so many miles, you will have spent a fortune. You’ll actually save money by simply hiring a long distance moving company that can pack up your entire home and transport it to your new place in one easy trip.

Moving is incredibly stressful and moving long distances is even more so. Hiring a mover gives you one less thing to stress about, cutting down on the number of lengthy trips you’ll have to make. You’ll arrive at your new home with all your belongings waiting for you.

These are just three scenarios in which hiring a moving company is definitely your best bet. Trust us, it’s worth the money!

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    Ron Parpara

    Thanks for sharing such an important posting. Yes, lots of us, plan to move to a new location, but we are not sure how to properly deal with the overall moving process and therefore we often forget to hire a well equipped and well experienced moving company.

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