When Baby Makes Three

You are adding two new feet to the house soon, which means that you need to set up a nursery for your new arrival. Whether you know the gender of the little one or not, making room for a baby is an exciting time that calls for a celebration of new beginnings.


When getting the tiny one’s room ready, painting the walls is the first step. Remember to tape off all molding and to put X-paper on the floor to protect it.

  • The psychology of color plays a role in how different shades can impact the human psyche. Take these into consideration when you pick what hue you want for your new one’s room.
  • As tradition dictates: Pink is for girls, blue is for boys, yellow is gender-neutral. If you’re a traditionalist and want to take the tried and true route, by all means, pick a shade for Baby’s walls that you love.
  • If you prefer to mix it up and try something offbeat, what’s stopping you? If you want to paint the nursery orange, green, purple or any mix of colors, go for it! This is YOUR child and you get to decide what’s best for it.


The wonderful thing about babies born today is that gender stereotypes have less of a stigma. Rather than focus on princesses for girls and fire trucks for boys, why not turn tradition on its head and do something different? Opt for a theme that will grow with your baby into childhood.

  • Star Wars is universally awesome, and with the badass females leading the pack in the newest installments, it is absolutely no longer a boy’s club only. Cute nursery decor is available for boys and girls alike.
  • Superheroes are positive role models for everyone! Decorate Baby’s room with everybody from Iron Man to Wonder Woman. It’s up to you if you want to tone down the color scheme to pastels or keep the bold jewel tones associated with them.
  • Teach your baby early on to be an animal lover. Make zoo animals your little one’s theme. Invest in zebra-striped crib sheets and hang prints of animals on the walls.

If Baby is making three, make room to give the little one a proper welcome to your home and family. Nesting is part of the process, so take advantage of those instincts to make the nursery sweet and unique to your bundle of joy. Congratulations on your new addition!

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