When a Man Grows up | What Mature Men Know to Do (And Do Well)

Some men never grow up and some grow up in their early 20s. Maturity has nothing to do with age. Some man have their own man cave to recharge. It all comes to life experience, the people that surround them and their own sense of self. There’s a myth somewhere out there that states that men never grow up but we disagree. There are some clear indicators that a mature man shows.

Here we are going to talk about different signs of maturity. From stuff like knowing how to properly dress for an occasion to more psychological indicators. We are going to give a general overview of a man that you know you’ll be able to rely upon on, and, if it’s a man that’s reading this article what he can change or keep doing.

They Know How to Tie a Tie

Don’t take this absolutely literally, but with this title, we wanted to emphasize that a man who’s mature knows how to dress properly for each occasion. For example, an immature man would come to a black-tie event dressed in jeans a graphic tee and Nikes.

Whilst a man who knows how to take things seriously will not only come to that event properly dressed but they also know all the parts of a man suit! And of course, they know all the parts of men’s suit otherwise they wouldn’t know how to dress.

Why is this important?

Although the way someone dresses isn’t always a clear indicator of someone’s character, there are certain dress codes one must follow. And if they respect that social norm it’s more likely that they are a person who knows that they won’t always get things their way. And that although they might feel most comfortable in gym clothes, it’s just not appropriate to wear them on a black-tie event. It means they have respect.

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They Know How to Make a House Feel Like Home

This is not only an attractive quality when looking for a potential mate or even in a friend, but also an overall quality not many possess. We all heard about the man cave. The place many women had experience with. The man cave is usually empty of furniture, smells kind of weird and often times is not very tidy. These are clear indicators of a man who sadly isn’t grown up yet.

On the other hand, a man who knows how to take care of his home and who knows how to decorate it with friends or isn’t afraid to admit they don’t know how and hire a company like Hammer Handmade Company to help them is a man who wants to live in a beautiful and clean space.

Why is this important?

A man who takes care of his personal space, no matter the actual interior design style (some like a more minimalist style while others like more eccentric spaces), knows how to value what he owns. Even the simplest of details, such as adding man cave lamps, can really make a difference to a man’s personal space. This also shows that he thinks of others as well as most people feel much more comfortable in a clean and tidy space. It means they have values.

They Have a Hobby They Are Passionate About

These days many people are trying to make their hobby another source of income. This is actually not very smart, because as soon as someone approaches their hobby as something they need to make money off, they’ll start to feel an obligation to do that even if they don’t feel like it.

A mature man has a steady source of income. They do their job reliably, patiently and with dedication. A mature man also knows that once he leaves the office he has all the time in the world to do whatever he wants. From rollerblading to building a bottle ship.

Why is this important?

A mature man who has a hobby he is passionate about is still curious about the world and still has a child-like enthusiasm in him (don’t confuse this with immaturity). He loves his hobby because it makes him happy not because he thinks he’ll become the next NBA player. It means he knows how to enjoy himself.

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They Know How to Communicate

Knowing how to clearly communicate is a clear sign of maturity. Many people struggle with communicating their thoughts and feelings. A mature person knows that although some things may be difficult to say, they know how to do so in a respectful and clear way.

An immature man is actually overemotional, but he hides that trough bursts of anger or a domineering stance. This is a clear indicator they don’t know how to deal properly with their emotions which is not a very attractive quality. Being emotional is normal but it is also important to own those emotions.

Why is this important?

A mature man isn’t afraid of his feelings. He isn’t afraid to cry when he is hurt, but he also knows how to control those emotions so they don’t overcloud his judgment. He knows that when he doesn’t like something he’ll be able to clearly communicate what he’s feeling actually. It means he knows how to love.


Hopefully, this article has given you an insight into what a mature man looks and behaves like. Have in mind that this is a general overview and that there are many more subtleties when it comes to the subject of maturity. If you have someone in your life that has these kinds of qualities, you are a very lucky person!

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