Whatsblog connecting bloggers with brands


I recently joined WHATSBLOG they connect high profile bloggers with brands. It’s a great way to connect with brands and other bloggers. If you are a blogger you should sign up too. Click join and fill in your information it’s easy as that to be part of the community.

whatsblogEach campaign is different as a blogger you can scroll through the promotions and apply as a brand you can choose which bloggers are the best fit for your brand. The promotions are diverse and you can promote through different social media channels for example Twitter, Facebook or Youtube, Instagram or by writing blog reviews.

What I love about WHATSBLOG is that it operates worldwide. So no matter where you are you can apply as a blogger. There are brands that want to target to a specific market for example the USA and there are brands that target worldwide, Asia or Europe.

You can follow brands and other blogger’s its a great way to network and meet people in the bloggers industry online. They have bloggers in every categorie from fashion, lifestyle, home decor, fitness and many more. Sign up now and receive free products to review!


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