What’s The Best Kind of Windshield Wiper?

Wiping rain, snow and debris from your windshield is an absolutely essential part of safe vehicle operation. In other words, you need to have high-quality wiper blades installed. However, when you go to the store to replace your current ones, you may be a little overwhelmed by the choice. There are so many different options.

Traditional vs Beam Vs Hybrid Wiper Blades

There are three major categories of wiper blades. When you ask yourself “what windshield wipers do I need,” this is one of the main considerations (along with size and connection type).

  • Traditional: These wiper blades are attached to metal assemblies that connect with the wiper arms. The assemblies are spring-loaded and press the rubber edge of the wiper blade against the windshield. Many older cars came with these. However, they are less popular today because they apply uneven pressure on the windshield.
  • Beam: These blades have no frame on them. Instead, they are designed to be flexible but curved towards the windshield. The result is that they press evenly on the windshield along the entire length of the blade. They were first introduced on luxury cars in the early 2000s. However, today, this is the go-to option on a lot of vehicles.
  • Hybrid: This style of wiper blade combined the design used in beam blades with an additional metal frame. The result is effective wiping performance along the entire blade with the addition of several key pressure points for maximum performance in needed areas. Additionally, they tend to be the most aerodynamic.

Overall, beam and hybrid blades are simply superior to traditional blades in almost every way. The difference between the two more modern designs is more subtle. You may want to try both to see which works for you and your unique situation.

Tips for Buying New Windshield Wipers

Wiper blades are important safety car parts. Therefore, it is worth spending a little extra money to get a good set. You don’t necessarily need to buy the most expensive set. However, it is worth investing a little more in a set that you know will perform.

Always choose beam or hybrid wipers when you have the choice. They significantly outperform traditional wiper blades.

Generally, it is best to look for a durable design. If you buy a set and they degrade within a year, you will find yourself back at square one. It is also helpful to look for a design with a synthetic rubber blend. This tends to perform better than natural rubber in this application.

Finally, make sure you are buying the right size for your vehicle. It is a good idea to use a website with a vehicle filter. This will save you from wasting money on a set that won’t work for you.

Order Your Wiper Blades Today

Changing your wiper blades can help to make your car or truck safer. Don’t forget to do it regularly. If you notice that your wiper performance is lacking, it is time to invest in some new blades. Fortunately, you can buy new blades and install them easily. No tools are required in most cases.

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