What’s New On Home Security – The Latest Technological Innovations

According to RutkevichDobermanns, “home security is pretty important in today’s society and all homeowners should invest in it.” The best thing about this current generation is the fact that there are new smart home innovations to choose from constantly.

When you look through the top five features that home buyers need to consider, among the top of the list is security. Listed in this article is the latest technological innovation for home and property management security that just might interest you.


Smart Locks

Smart locks are just as functional as the traditional deadbolts but with one huge difference-they can be operated through an app on your phone. This essentially means that you can open and lock your doors right from your phone whether you are at home or away. The smart locks are equipped with a geofence feature that allows homeowners to remotely close the doors from wherever they are. Now, this invention is great for the type of people who can’t seem to remember whether they closed their doors or not whenever they are away from home.

With the changing technology, some smart locks are equipped with what is known as virtual guest keys. These virtual keys allow selected individuals access to your home. The good news is that you can program the particular day and time that the virtual guest key should be used. It is, therefore, easier to have visitors come by your place without having to think of where it is safest to hide your key for the visitor.

The smart locks also include a feature that lets you know everyone who has entered and exited your home. Since all this information is logged, you can easily trace the moment someone was inside your home. In case of any security issues, it is quite simple to look at the time log and figure out who was in your home at that particular time.


Window Alarms

Sometimes you just don’t feel safe when your windows seem to be close to the ground. However, a cool innovation that has recently hit the market is window alarm systems. You will have to renovate your windows first and then install these security features to enjoy the full benefits, but it is worth it. A good quality window alarm includes a feature where you can turn it on and off at your convenience and the level of alarm sound should be at least 100 decibels.


Video Doorbells

That annoying habit of peeping through the viewfinder above your doorbell is a thing of the past once you install a video doorbell. They are quite a nifty innovation that automatically turns on once they sense someone is in front of your doorstep. Immediately the individual rings your doorbell, an alert is instantly sent to your phone and you can view who exactly is at your door. The video doorbells are great for individuals who don’t want to peep through the viewfinder every time a visitor approaches.

When investing in video doorbells, find the ones with rechargeable batteries that can accommodate a whole year’s work with just a single charge. Most of the time video streaming is completely free, however, additional features are paid for every month.


Security Camera

Yes, security cameras have been around for a while now but there are new features added to these security cameras all the time, such as the easy-to-install 360˚ Light Bulb camera. Currently, you need to invest in a security camera that includes features such as live video feeds and call options should you need security. Some security cameras can store clips of potential security breaches automatically.

You also get the option of having an entire security camera system with several options such as internet access and cloud storage. The best thing about having camera security systems is that everything is linked up and you don’t need to perform any sort of wiring. A good security camera system includes an app that lets you control everything through your phone.




The right security system is important for every home. You need to feel safe and comfortable in your home. There is nothing more important to every homeowner than security both when you are at home and when you are away. Do extensive research to find the best home security system that suits your needs.

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