What’s Better For Mole Removal – Surgery Or Homoeopathic Medicine?

mole removal, Homeopathic Medicines

Moles are a type of skin growth which is developed from pigment-producing cells, and they appear brown or black spots on the skin. They can be flesh-colored or reddish in appearance. Moles are seen oval, round or flat. They appear on the face, arm, legs and another part of the body. There are even moles which are known as a birthmark. Though they are harmless but rare cases, you have to remove them through surgery.

Removal of Mole

Surgical mole removal is performed in 3 ways: shave excision, excision surgery and punch biopsy.

  • Shave excision – This surgery is done for moles which are seen above the skin. The doctor will apply anesthesia in the surrounding area of the mole and use a sharp scalpel; they will shave down the surface of the mole.
  • Excision surgeries – Flat skin moles, are removed through this surgery where the surgeon cuts the mole and close the wound with stitches.
  • Punch biopsy – The technique is used to remove small skin moles. A special device is used to punch out the mole.
  • Laser mole removal –Laser technology can be used to remove flat moles which are brown in color. You may have to visit two or three times a dermatologist to remove the mole tissue.
  • Natural removal of mole –You may use mole removal cream and paste available in the market to remove moles. Use only natural ones.

Risk and Cost of Mole Removal

The risk remains minimal, but still, there is a possibility of having a skin infection. The risk depends on the technique used, and one common issue remains to scar after the surgery. The costs of mole removal vary depending on the method and the doctor you are consulting.

Remove Mole by using Homeopathic Medicines

If you choose surgery to remove a mole from your body or face, this may cause pain and scarring. Homeopathic medicines to treat mole are the best alternatives for surgical processes and remains safe, gentle and mild. They follow a curative approach to treating moles.

They are proven to be good enough to remove the moles from the root, but the treatment may take some time. Such medicines are natural and safe to be used. Moles can be eradicated without any toxic side effects. Homeopathic medicines take its own healing time, so you should wait patiently to remove a mole from your body.

Best Homeopathic Medicines to Treat Moles

Thuja, Sulphur, and Pulsatilla are highly recommended medicines to treat mole. Thuja can be used to treat birthmarks and brown colored moles. Pulsatilla is effective to treat itchy and pale in color moles that appear on young girls. Sulfur is best prescribed to treat smooth, brown colored moles.

Patients decide to remove skin mole as a precautionary measure, and some may not like the mole’s appearance. Patients having cancerous mole has to be removed by surgery only. For those who want to remove the mole for cosmetic reason must realize there are limitations what cosmetic surgery can do. Those who want to avoid scars, pain and remain free from side effects may choose homeopathic medicines.

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