What Your OOTD Is Missing

When you get dressed, do you look in the mirror and give yourself an appreciative nod, or do you feel as if something is missing? If you fall into the latter category, then you need to add one of the following things into your outfit. Read on to find out what your outfit is missing!

Different Textures

If you’re staring at your outfit with a bewildered look on your face, it could be because it’s missing some texture to keep it looking interesting and multidimensional. So, how do you add these textures? You can make sure there are some elements on your handbag that add texture for instance, add a textured jacket such as a loopy cardigan, and wear some patterned tights. These different textures really do make all the difference when you need something extra in your outfit.

The Right Accessories

When you’re wearing a great outfit, you need the right accessories too. You can wear costume jewelry, expensive jewelry, and even jewelry you’ve made yourself. However, the jewelry you choose should match the type of look you’re going for. If you’re dressing for a formal event, then looking at the Diamond Registry to figure out how much you should spend on diamonds is ideal. If diamonds are out of your price range, choose some realistic costume jewelry to help you enhance your look. You should make sure you have the right shoes and a great bag too. These things make all the difference to your overall look.

A Belt

Maybe your outfit is missing something super simple, like a belt. How about a nice thick waist belt to accentuate your curves, or even just a skinny one to break up your outfit? Belts aren’t just to hold your trousers or shorts up anymore.



A Hat

Maybe you could try a hat to add another element to your outfit. Caps, beanies, trilbies, and other style hats are all fair game. Think about what suits your outfit and your face shape!


Sunglasses make an outfit look more expensive and mysterious. Even if it’s not sunny outside, throwing on a pair of sunglasses can help you to go incognito and amp up your style points.

A Little Color

Maybe your outfit need a color injection to work a little better? Try adding a bright bag or pair of shoes to make an impact with your accessories! If you’re already wearing color in your outfit, it’s a good idea to wear darker colors on the outside, and lighter colors on the inside.

Another Layer

Say you’re wearing a simple top and jeans combo, how about throwing on a check shirt over the top for a grunge feel? The extra layer is great for transitional weather and always stops an outfit from looking boring.

Is your OOTD missing one of these things? Try adding them today and see how you get on. You won’t believe how much better and professionally styled your outfit can look with a few small changes. Thanks for reading!

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