What You Need To Know To Mix Up Your Furniture

These days, buying furniture from matching sets can be extremely boring. Mixing up your furniture is the way to go! But how can you do it without it looking ridiculous? Here’s what you need to know to mix up your furniture:

Choose The Opposite

If you have a statement piece of furniture and you want to mix different items with it, how about choosing the exact opposite of it to go with it? This could be a risky thing to do, but when you do it right, it can look amazing.

Choose Interesting Contrasts

Choosing interesting contrasts for your furniture is a really cool way to mix things up. If you have an item with blocky legs or something that reaches the floor, choose something with slim legs to contrast it. If you have one hard piece of furniture, choose something with a soft shape to go with it. You can get ideas for what to use on sites like www.plumgoose.com/dovetail-furniture/.


Stick To One Color To Make It Easier

If you want to make mixing up your furniture super easy, choose different pieces in one color to make it easier. It doesn’t need to be the exact same color; choosing slightly different shades or tones can still work well. This just gives more of a uniformed look to your furniture and makes things easier to mix up.

Keep To A Similar Scale

Keeping a similar scale is a good idea too. Mixing up different scales when it comes to mixing your furniture can actually be really difficult, and can make things look weird if you’re not careful.

Equal Visual Weight Creates Balance

Making sure that the things you use have an equal visual weight stops things from looking unbalanced in certain rooms. For instance you can have mixed bedside tables, as long as they have a similar visual weight. This makes the room look balanced rather than lopsided, and you still make it look interesting as you have mixed your furniture.


Give Furniture A Companion

Give your furniture friends. This means making sure each piece has a companion to stop it looking out of place in any room. This works well for dining room chairs, but you can use it in any room for any piece. Have a similar color, style, or finish for two pieces of your furniture and you can use just about anything you like.

Match The Mood Of Your Furniture

How about matching the mood of your furniture, rather than the style? For instance, if you want formal furniture in your room, make sure every piece you choose gives off that feeling. Whether it matches or not, it should work well.

These tips should help you to mix up your furniture far more easily. Mixing your furniture will add more personality and interest to your home. Don’t be a cliche and buy everything from the same set! If you have anymore tips that will help with this kind of thing, make sure you leave a comment. Come back for more tips soon!

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