What You Need to Know About Off Road Camper Trailers


The first explorers left Africa, found the Middle East, and then went on to discover the world. A yearning to explore is what has lifted human beings above the planet’s other animals, and the excitement that comes with discovery has never gone away. But these days, people want to do it in comfort. It’s why someone had the idea of combining a tent and trailer to come up with off road camper trailers. This clever invention has opened up Australia’s outback to anyone with a 4×4 and some time on their hands. Load it up, hook it up, and go. There’s no need to worry about where the next hotel is because it’s in the trailer. Continue reading to learn more about off road campers.

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Is It Really Off Road?

No one buys a washing machine until they know it can cope with the job. It should be the same when people buy off road camper trailers, but it often isn’t. The reason for this quirk is better known as sales and marketing, and buyers who should have done their homework can get caught out. It might say off road on the side sticker, but that doesn’t mean it is fit for the outback. Some off-roaders are really on-roaders. Drive it through rough terrain and its weaknesses will soon show up, and it’ll be on the side of the track with flat tyres or a busted suspension. These types of off roaders are best kept on asphalt or bitumen. For a real outback experience, only the true off roader will do. How do you tell the difference? The first place to look is the price. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. A real off road camper trailer can withstand the rigours of any track, and this should be reflected in the cost.

Who Are They For?

Off road camper trailers are popular with soloists and families alike. The most frequent buyers are empty nesters. The kids have grown and stopped draining their bank account, and they’ve only seen the outback on TV. It’s time to do some living! But what should they buy? There’s no shortage of options. The imaginary couple research walk up campers, which are usually cheaper and have a walkway inside the tent. Situated at the end of the bed, it means they won’t have to climb a ladder. What about the soft-floor/hard-floor question? Soft floor is like a traditional tent floor, while hard floor is the trailer’s roof flipped open. Then there are even more options to choose from:

  • Forward/Side folding − The bed base is the trailer’s roof flipped forward
  • Hybrid − Caravan-like, but with the kitchen outdoors and limited room inside
  • Teardrop − A classic aero-dynamic shape and an old favourite
  • Pop up − Another classic, the roof is extended by a winch or hydraulic lift
  • Loft − The roof rises for more headroom inside

There are so many off road camper trailers available that it can be hard to choose. It’s a big decision due to them not being cheap, but they can last for years. With a little work, it isn’t too difficult to find a trailer that’s fit for off road. You simply need to remember that just because the salesman says it’s off road, it doesn’t make it so.

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