What you need to know about lash lifting before buying a kit

Put down your eyelash curlers, and put an end to the cycle of endless eyelash extensions: if you want long, curled eyelashes that require absolutely no maintenance, lash lifting is the treatment that should be next on your radar.

What is lash lifting?

A lash list is essentially a perm for your eyelashes: a way of adding permanent curl that will “lift” the lashes and help emphasise the eyes. Although it doesn’t actually add any length, curled lashes always look longer and more dramatic, making lash lifting a great alternative to false eyelashes or individual extensions.

The effects last for as long as your lashes do, so expect to get one full lash cycle out of each lifting treatment, and look forward to waking up with show-stopping lashes, which are totally natural: but be prepared to get lots of questions about where you got your “extensions”!

How to create the perfect lash lift kit

As the lash-lifting procedure involves chemicals, it’s best left to the professionals, so whether you’re looking to learn a new skill, or offer a different kind of service to your clients, you’ll have to think carefully about your lash lift kit. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Lifting cream
  • Neutralising lotion
  • Moisturising serum
  • Bonding serum
  • Silicon lash lift shields
  • Lash separating tools
  • Lash foam cleanser

The QBS lash lift kit provides you with all of the equipment you need to get started, all in one carefully curated package, however, if you run out of something, or would just like to buy the components of your kit separately, you can do that, too.

While tools such as the lifting cream and neutralising lotion will be used no matter what kind of lash look you’re going for, the size of the lash lift shields will determine what type of curl you end up with. The smallest shields will create the most dramatic effect, while the largest shields are for those who want a more natural curl. The medium sized shields fall somewhere in the middle, and, when you receive your last lift kit, you’ll probably want to experiment a bit to work out which size you’ll use most often.

Staying safe while using your kit

As with any treatment involving the eyes, safety is of the utmost importance, and should always be at the forefront of your mind when purchasing your lash lifting kit. Remember to do a patch test on yourself or your client at least 24 hours before treatment, and check for any allergies or sensitivities which may make your client unsuitable for this procedure.

Can you still use mascara and other eye makeup after a lash lift?

While many lash lift clients find the finished effect more than enough on its own, if you want to amp up the drama, you can still use your favourite mascara and all of your usual eye makeup after your lash lift: just be sure to remove it every night before bed, and make sure you clean your lashes carefully to prolong the life of your lash lift

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