What you need to know about hair wigs

Wigs and hairpieces are actually the easiest and fastest way to give yourself a new look. An added benefit is that your own hair and your scalp suffer the least from the minimal pressure placed on your head. Today’s wigs are of such good quality that they cannot be distinguished from your own hair. With some practice, you can get so good at putting on your wig that you won’t notice you’re wearing one. It carries so light that it looks like you have nothing on your head. If you like variety, you can even own several wigs.

Human hair or synthetic hair

When it comes to half wigs and hairpieces everything is possible. Synthetic hair is less pricey and can require minor adjustments. A human hair wig will last a very long time. You can even enjoy it for years if you handle it properly. The difference in quality between one hair and another can be enormous. But how do you know if you have a good quality? It depends on many different factors. Quality hair does not tangle or fluff, and it is reusable. If you want to choose the right hair, take into account the desired length, structure, color and volume you want to achieve.


In general, you can say that you maintain a wig just like your own hair. For both, it applies that air pollution and dust act on it and skin fat and perspiration are absorbed. Naturally, a wig or hairpiece requires maintenance and care. Synthetic hair work is very easy to wash yourself. With a special shampoo you can make a soap solution with cold to lukewarm water. Regular shampoos cannot be used because they contain too many detergent active substances. It is in most cases not allowed to use a heat source of any kind to dry synthetic hair. Although this is a high-quality fiber, it must absolutely not be heated. Loss of shape and, in the worst case, melting can be the result.

Wig types

There is a lot of choice in the different types of hairpieces from half wigs to headband wigs.

-V-Part: Works the same. These types of hairpieces are currently very well known and therefore more accepted. It can be fixed permanently and semi-permanently with many options. This makes it look real and therefore it is a good replacement for a wig because it looks a lot like your own hair so you don’t have the feeling of a full wig / hairpiece.

-360 wedge: This one is on the sides only, a hair piece all around and nothing in the middle. You can also easily put your hair on a ponytail or put it up and wear it in any desired part.

U part wig: Hair piece with a U piece in the front. The U has been left out as a form.

Attachment of hairpieces

It is important that a hairpiece is properly and securely attached. You don’t want it to fall or blow off your head. You may have a personal preference about the way you want your hairpiece attached. Here are a few examples.

1 Permanent attachment: That means that you can leave your hairpiece on for about 2 to 3 months. The advantage is that you can just keep doing everything as you are used to. A hairpiece can also be attached with dermatological tested glue.

2 Temporary attachments: This attachment is attached with combs, clips and rings. You can apply and attach these yourself.

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