What You Have to Think about When You’re Filthy Rich

filthy rich

It’s not that we love starting articles with cliché sentences, but there’s no other way than telling you this: with great wealth comes great responsibility. All of us have always dreamed of being filthy rich, not actually knowing what comes with it. One immediately associates being wealthy with traveling, constant shopping and expensive villas, without knowing what’s behind the veil. And sure, being extremely rich is a great thing, but it’s not the easiest task in the world. This brings us to the next conclusion – being rich is a double-edged sword. It can definitely turn out to be the most inspiring thing in the world, but on the other hand, it can also break a person if they don’t pay attention to certain things. And if you are filthy rich, or you plan to be soon enough, these are the most important lessons to be learned.

1. Mind the people in your life

filthy rich

If soap operas taught us anything, it’s that you can’t trust just anyone. When you’re rich, you can’t trust an even bigger pool of people, so it’s of the utmost importance to surround yourself with the right ones. Suffice it to say that your wealth can have a negative effect on the people around you, and it’s definitely possible that many of them happen to be there for you only because of your wealth. Your job is to find out who’s there for you because of who you are and whom you can trust. Moreover, there are certainly other wealthy people who would want to be a part of your life only because of your status. Stop and think – is this really what you want? Empty relationships that are only based on wealth? Be careful and keep both eyes open.

2. Be insured

filthy rich

Planning your life and knowing how everything will end is quite impossible. This is why insurance plays quite a big role in everyone’s life, not only in those of the rich. However, the stakes are even higher here, so insuring everything that you own is definitely a thing that you need to do as soon as possible. After you have done so with all the important things in your life, it’s time to start thinking about getting life insurance – you might find this totally unnecessary, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. After all, you can afford it, so why not? You never know what is waiting around the corner, and opting for this step, not only for you but other members of your family, is a logical thing.

3. Think of what makes you happy

Having a lot of money means that you get to indulge in all the possibilities in the world. And the chances of ending up without an actual hobby that you like or an activity that you quite enjoy are quite high. So, try to find what makes you happy and use your wealth to excel in that department. You have the tools to make that happen, so try to invest in something that will keep you occupied, and most importantly, satisfied.

4. Have goals

It’s probably not your idea to spend all the money that you have, and in order to maintain that wealth, it’s very important that you set yourself different goals. Surely, most of them will be connected to business, but it’s very important for you to know that you shouldn’t stop trying only because you emerged into wealth. Wealth can easily go away, which will eventually leave you devastated. That is why thinking long-term and actually having different goals is something you should have in mind.

5. What yacht to buy?

Now that we’re done with all of these abstract things you need to think about, it’s time to focus on something that we might cherish more. Surely, money can’t buy you happiness or the devotion of your friends and family, but it can definitely buy you a new yacht and thus, moments of happiness and relaxation. So, enjoy your wealth and purchase whatever you want. Is it a yacht that will help you go from one Croatian island to another, or perhaps a ticket for a cruiser that is cruising around the world? Be as it may, you can afford it, so you should.

filthy rich

To repeat once again the cliché but quite truthful motto – with great wealth comes great responsibility. Always know who’s there for you, and try not to lose yourself in all the wealth and glory. Find your voice and your persona, and be who you are, and once you combine this with wealth, great happiness can be found.

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