What You Always Need with You for Picture-perfect Moments

Picture this: you’re on your way home from work and someone asks you to go out for a quick dinner. Then, drink.s Or perhaps a movie. You say yes, but then the photos don’t reflect the fun and spontaneous night you’ve had because you were not prepared for it. You thought it would just be a regular day at work, and for work, you wear your safe outfits and minimal makeup.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can always have picture-perfect moments even when the opportunity presents itself out of the blue? It’s possible if you have the following:

A Makeup Kit

It’s understandable that you don’t want to go all out for your work makeup because you are expected to conduct yourself professionally during working hours. While no one will scoff at your red lipstick, smokey eyes might be too distracting when you are supposed to be working. After work, however, when you and some of your colleagues go out for some drinks to unwind, you can have your makeup kit ready to improve or build upon your day look. With that eyebrow makeup online stores stock plenty of, and your favorite eyeliner, you can look ready for a night of fun in minutes. The office bathroom can be your changing or makeup room, too!

A Change of Clothes

Just like with makeup, your wardrobe is more muted or conservatiive when you are headed to work. You can be a little more adventurous when you’re headed out with friends, and you can even wear crazy prints. If you have a car, keeping a change of clothes in the trunk will be handy for these last-minute plans. If you don’t have a car, however, keeping spare clothes in the office will also do. Yet another option is to keep a jacket or shirt that you can layer on top of your office clothes to switch up your style in a breeze. It’s all about convenience and imagination, so go crazy!


Much of your look rests on the shoes you’re wearing. You can wear the same office outfit to a party but switch your kitten heels to stilettos or sneakers–each look will be different because of the shoes that you have chosen. Just like you can keep a change of clothes in your office or car, you can also keep a pair of shoes handy for these surprise plans. Or you can always head home and change into a more comfortable pair–and perhaps even switch up your bag in the process. It will be a matter of minutes; surely your friends won’t mind.

A Power Bank

How are you going to document the night if your phone is dead? Though you are having fun in the moment, your memory might be unreliable in recollecting the events the next day especially when alcohol is involved. Rather than lose the memories because you had too much fun, keep a power bank or charge your phone before you leave the office so that you will have a tool to take fun selfies.

When opportunities for fun come up, don’t say no. But more importantly, be ready to make the most of the moment.

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