What Winter Does To Our Skin

Weather always has an effect on our appearance, but sometimes it can run deeper than just giving us a windswept look in our hair. When it comes to the winter, there’s a lot of stuff in the air that won’t do us any favors. It’s almost as bad as summer when it comes to that, but at least warm weather has humidity.

Winter is set to be harsher this year. Considering the extreme weather we’ve been experiencing throughout the year, that doesn’t come as a surprise. So we need to be more prepared for what’s coming, especially when it comes to our skin’s health and our happiness. Go on the hunt for skin care tips, but also make sure you know these tips to use to your advantage in making sure you feel just as healthy as you’re trying to!

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How We Get Sapped

One way in which winter draws the moisture out of our skin is via the winds stripping the oils out of our pores, due to the rapid nature of the gusts we can experience. This makes it drier and more likely to flake. So our skin works overtime in return to try and rebalance what we’ve lost! Only for it to be stripped again when we get into the warm house and crank up the heating. The moisture in the air draws out our essential oils, so bye bye natural moisturizer!

We need to give ourselves a hand in producing oils, but winter is a busy time for us all! So we need some cheap and easy moves to keep the moisture in our skin. What can we do for those?

Try Washing in Warm, Not Hot, Water

Winter is the time of hot baths and glorious showers. Hot water isn’t going to do your skin any favors, and that means we need to give it a skip for the season. Not only does it make us more used to the colder temperatures, it works wonders for your skin health. It’s more likely to keep your oils in rather than take them out.

Set it to as lukewarm as you can stand it, and let’s face it, bathrooms can be cold! Wrap up fluffy in your dressing gown and make sure the mat’s washed. (Set out some towels as a compromise if not). Once you’re dry, it’s time for the next step. Break out your moisturizer.

Set Out a Moisturizing Routine

So we’ve heard a lot about moisture so far, but that’s for a good reason. Usually we don’t need to compliment our skin with outside lotions, but we can make an exception here. Flick open the cap on this bottle everytime you wash.

Of course, everyone’s skin is different. You might need to shop around for the best moisturizer for your needs. This can take time, and there’s so many competitors on the market! If you like, you can head to something like https://moisturizers.com/, which is good for the skin in just terms of research.

Try Humidifying Your Bedroom

When we get home, we’re in our safe haven. So you want to keep the environment healthy for your skin. Humidifying is a good way to remove harmful dryness from the air. Plus, a humidifier can be set up in a number of ways. The bedroom is the best place for this to happen, as you’ll spend the most time here. Sleeping is a good time for your skin to miss out on it’s oils, so make sure the atmosphere doesn’t do any extra harm.

Don’t worry, you don’t even need to buy a humidifier! You can move plants into your bedroom if they’re elsewhere, as these are entirely natural. They can also point out where the dryness is lingering, as they may wilt or get brown tips.

Use Gloves Outside

This is a simple step, and also works wonders for an outfit; https://www.bestproducts.com/ has a good list of thermals. Protection is a great preparatory step, so don’t miss it out when you’re popping your coat on. You can also use sunscreen to good effect here, as UV rays still break through the clouds and mounds of white. Don’t let your skin get zapped by hidden enemies!

Make sure your scarf is wrapped around your neck! Winter has bad effects all round, despite looking pretty. We look forward to snow and all it’s decorations all year, but that doesn’t mean there’s no dark side to it! Carry out your winter habits!

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