What We Know About CBD Oil For Horses

You have been noticing small changes in your horse as it has grown older, not the gaining maturity part although that is as graceful as a fine wine, but almost tinges of pains or stiffness in joints. While these ailments do set on with age they can also be treated and managed to give your horse the best years possible after it is retired from its recreational life and functions.

If you opt for the more natural and organic products on the market when it comes to the health of yourself and your pets’ then you will surely have heard of CBD oil.

It is becoming increasingly popular and has had rave reviews and success stories from satisfied customers. You can see more of these products at the holistapet website and browse the many options available to you for all animals and any conditions, a wonder product from Mother Nature herself.

How CBD oil aids animals.

While the research and results are there to an extent the medical journals have yet to put this evidence into print, we all know that testing is done many multiple times and over a consecutive number of years, and all results recorded accordingly, so it is only a matter of time.

But with social media platforms to educate and inform of the positives of these products, and with people looking to less harmful and chemical-free options to treat issues the demand is on the rise.

It’s been known to show that when CBD oil is administered to animals, the neurons and pulses that are transmitted to the brain through the neuro system are regulated to maintain balance and well-being with no sudden outbursts and increased shockwaves, thus resulting in a calmer, stress-free pet.

It also reduces the inflammation in the body, targeting joints and muscle strains and therefore preventing and or managing the onset of arthritis, and the last thing we want is to see our fur ball struggling in pain to walk.

There are many benefits of CBD oil some of which you can watch here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z00Mr5HhqtI to get a better understanding of its advantages and how it can positively influence your life.

The great thing about this oil is that being extracted in not only an ethical and environmentally friendly way, with no added solvents or chemicals within the harvesting process, but you can also be safe in knowing it is safe to administer to children as well as animals. But always read the label to be 200% sure, it should state the ingredients and CBD purity level in the product.

5 Reasons to use CBD oil

  • With all the natural vitamins and minerals in the plant, it is a great source of essential nutrients, it balances the bodily processes and maintains an overall state of well-being.
  • Non-toxic. During the extraction process, the THC component of the flower is separated, THC is the hallucinogenic part of the cannabis Sativa plant and not safe for use by children or animals, a percentage of 0.3 or less is considered safe for consumption.
  • We all look to products to keep us looking young for as long as possible, and more than likely these are filled with additives and chemicals which in the long run is no good, CBD is filled with anti-oxidants and vitamins D and E which are great for glowing skin and promoting a youthful appeal.
  • Aid addiction. The CBD oil user does not need to increase the dosage with regular use, this is because it does not contain addictive elements making it great in aiding recovery from drugs and the addiction to them by regulating stress levels when trying to stop.
  • Bringing stress and anxiety levels significantly down allows us to sleep better, cope with tricky situations in a clear-headed manner and when things are going smooth due to being calmer we boost our mood and that of others around us. Win-win.

CBD is not only great for these things but so many more, from blocking the protein production in the cancer-causing tumor cells to regulating the neuro system to prevent bursts of impulses and resulting in epileptic seizures. The pros versus cons are certainly racking up.

To read more about what CBD is, how it came to be part of our lives and how its success in people, their pets and all-round lifestyle is making a big impact, grab a cup of tea and find a quiet spot to take a break for yourself and read this blog on what CBD means to other people.

 The safety of CBD

This is the big question that makes people hesitate before purchasing a CBD oil product or starting treatment, is it safe? The answer is yes.

If the label states the origin of production, look for the US as farming regulations are strict when it comes to ethically made products, it says the purity of the CBD in the item the higher the better and mentions being 100% CBD then you and your pets will be fine.


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