What to wear on your first date and what not to wear

first date

When you go on a first date it can be a nerve wrecking experience especially if you are not comfortable with what you wear. Of course you want to make a great impression but don’t overdo it. Follow these tips to look confident and feminine at the same time when you go on a Glasgow dating.

Go for elegant and feminine instead of over the top sexy 
Instead of a mini skirt and deep-v top go for a elegant and feminine dress. Although there’s nothing wrong with sexy a simple jet elegant outfit will make you feel more comfortable and is great for a first date. Don’t overdo it on your first date. Your date will love materials that emphasize your feminine side. For example a silk blouse, nice midi-skirt or a shine-trough top. If you live in Nottinghamshire visit Nottinghamshire dating to find your first date.

Wear leather material 
You can’t go wrong with leather. A leather pants or skirt will definitely make a great impression on your date. Go for a sexy pencil skirt with sequin top and high heels and make an unforgettable impression! Find your first date on County Durham Dating.

Avoid trends stick to your personal style
If you love fashion don’t go overboard with trendy items. It can be a bit intimidating if you wear cat eye glasses with a fluor pink skirt and Aztec print top. Keep these outfits when you go on a shopping trip with your friends. And find a date on County Tyrone dating. Stick to something simple jet elegant unless he’s the artsy type. For example a red or black dress with high heels. Wear a nice nude or red lipstick and complement with beautiful earrings.

Show off your female curves 
There’s nothing more feminine than a high waist skirt or jeans. If you don’t mind showing of your curves this is the way to do it. Try out Dyfed dating you will surely find a potential date there! Accentuate your hips to make your legs look taller and your hips more curvy.

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