What to Wear in College to Get Noticed

Of course, when in college, your main focus has to be on your classes. Still, getting noticed in college will boost your confidence and help you shape your identity, so don’t neglect the opportunity to dress to impress. College gives you a perfect opportunity to experiment, find new looks, styles, and views. Of course, in your journey to self-identification, fashion plays a key role. Dressing for yourself, maybe for the first time ever, is a great opportunity to express yourself and show the world who you truly are. 

Honestly, you don’t need to be a fashion expert to learn how to dress. You just need to follow a few basic fashion tips, work on taste and sense of style, and find a few fashion bloggers or influencers for inspiration. So here are a few tips on how to dress in college so you would always get noticed. 

Stay professional

Now, let’s start with the obvious. The desire to get noticed should serve to your advantage in college. You know how people in show business often say, “There is no such thing as bad press.” Well, there definitely is a bad reputation in college. You don’t want that. So many students, especially those living on the campus, think that they can come to their classes in PJs just because they can. Well, it is a very wrong attitude, which will definitely backfire later. 

You dress to impress. And by dressing sloppy, you show your professors your position on their work and efforts to educate. You also show how poorly you are invested in getting your education. Show your educators the respect they deserve. If they bother with wearing suits, ties, and other formal wear, even if it is hot outside, then you should pay them back. Think of it this way, when you are looking for good writing services, you look at their websites, customer services, reviews, and so on. You check whether the custom term paper writing service you have chosen looks professional and reliable. Your professors do the same thing by looking at you and your outfit. So don’t make them think the wrong way. Look professional. 

Dress smart

Now, we don’t tell you to go all classic and conservative in your fashion choices. However, dressing smart has one major benefit to your studies. It helps you focus better. All the sweat, PJs, or other ultra-comfortable clothes doesn’t help you concentrate. It helps you fall asleep. When you are in a class, you want to stay sharp and focused. Dressing smart will help you achieve that. 

Go bold

As we have already mentioned, college is a perfect time to experiment. So don’t waste that opportunity. Go bold with your choices. Following the newest trends and dressing like everyone else around you won’t do much for you. Instead, release your inner fashion freak and seek the outfits and accessories that will make you stand out in a crowd. Leave all those safe choices for when you have a dress code at work. Now, it is your time to see what you actually like and what you can pull off.

Find your style

You can continue with fashion experiments and have a clearly defined style. It is totally okay. Your personal style should tell a story about you. So people will look at your new look and say. “Oh, it is totally you!” It is the same with fashion, sense of humor, crafts, and writing. This is why you ask professionals, “can you write my nursing paper considering my writing style?” You know that the writing style can give away who wrote it. The same applies to fashion. 

Fashion comes and goes. Everything changes. Though, you need to develop a certain taste that will guide you in this unpredictable world of fashion. See what fits you best. Perhaps, you are big on vintage. You can easily develop your personal style by incorporating old vintage clothes and accessories with the newest trends. Perhaps you love to celebrate both of your feminine and masculine sides by reflecting them in your outfits. Nothing is too girly or manly for you. Having a style will eventually make you get noticed in college. 


Belts, glasses, bags, and jewelry have to be present in your every look. Maybe not all of them at once, but at least a few items have emphasized your look. It is important not to lose yourself in the journey to impress and your search for self-expression. Accessories can be your grounding moment. You can have just a bunch of them, but still, make them work with most of your outfits. They will be a little you-moment in every look you create. 


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