What to look for when shopping for Hair Extensions

When you are a newbie to hair extensions it can be a little daunting, and difficult to know where to begin. Plus, you always hear of horror stories about hair extensions that have damaged and broken people’s hair that they were trying to grow!! The whole point of hair extensions is obviously to get that long luscious look, one that is easy enough to maintain, while you grow your own hair into its own lusciousness. So beware, and take care of your own hair in the process as well.’

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The main tips for newbies on the hair-extension-express is to figure out which route to take to achieve dazzling locks. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before your purchase.

Tip #1 Do you want length or volume, or both? This is the best starting point. Once you know what you want, then you can start shopping your way to long silky mermaid hair. Some people don’t actually want or need the length, but they desperately need the volume, while others might have plenty of hair to go around, but nada when it comes to length.  If you are looking for length, and volume is not too important to you, you can start with around 50 grams of hair, but if you want volume you should aim for about 100-150 grams.

Tip #2 Realize that quality if everything!  The first time I got hair extensions, they were absolutely gorgeous! I walked out of the salon floating on cloud nine,  in awe of how long my hair was. I had been trying to grow my hair this long my entire life, and never got close, so it was surreal to say the least. However, after about a week or two, these extensions became my life, and not in a good way! I had to brush them almost hourly, I left a trail of hair behind me wherever I went, and I literally became a robot man. Yes, that’s right, a robot man! I could not move my neck, and turn my head to the side before crossing the road, because the slightest movement I made, turned my head into a bird’s nest, and I am not exaggerating! I was carrying a bird’s nest around with me all the time! So, there you have it… a horror story about bad quality extensions. The quality you really need to go for is Remy, it is the best quality real hair out there, and you will not be sporting a bird’s nest with Remy, that is guaranteed. They are more expensive, but look at it this way, you will be wearing these 100% of the day everyday, so really it is a small price to pay for something you will wear THAT much.

Tip #3 Decide on what type of attachment you would prefer. Now that you know that quality (ie: Remy) is the way to go, and you know how much hair you will need… now is the important decision to make about how you want your extensions to attach. The first question to ask yourself is, do you want the extensions to be removable, or permanently attached to you? I personally think that permanent attachment is better, as with the temporary it takes tape extensionsup so much time each time you want to wear them, so you will often end up not wearing them. You can choose clip in hair extensions or double drawn clip in hair extensions if you are looking for something temporary, and for the more permanent kind the choices are many. You can choose flat tip hair extensions that are bonded to your hair with keratin, which is a really safe and sturdy choice. You can also choose Italian keratin glue hair extensions, which sound scary, but it is not actual glue, it is a keratin solution used that is also completely safe and healthy for your hair. Another option is the seamless tape hair extensions, however with these you must be sure to get a good quality product and a person who really knows what they are doing, but they are a good choice if you are using high quality tape. KmXtend is a great place to start shopping for this, as they carry the highest quality tape hair extensions on the market, as well as the very popular and high quality Virgin Remy Cuticle XQ Extensions.

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