What to Look For From a Reputable Jeweller

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Your engagement ring and wedding band set is probably one of the few fine jewellery pieces you’ll invest in that will have equal sentimental value so it’s imperative that you purchase it from a trustworthy and reputable jeweller. It is important for you to take time to build a rapport with a jeweller to see if he or she understands your needs, as well as if their collection features ring styles and diamond shapes to your liking. In addition, you should feel comfortable asking important questions  while choosing a jeweller.

  • Go towards a local jeweller versus chain jewellers since chain jewellers often have higher prices with their overhead, surprisingly.
  • Ask how long the jeweller has been in business. While not always the case, it’s often beneficial to choose one that’s been in business at least 10 years versus one that’s just opened. It’s easier to verify their references or see which professional organizations they are a part of.
  • Look for a jeweller with legitimate credentials or certifications from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the Jewellers Association of Australia. Reputable jewellers will happily give you the report for your peace of mind.
  • Choose only highly skilled jewellers. Look for ones that listen carefully to your needs and show you the highest quality diamonds, gemstones, and rings, but are not pushy about it.
  • Ask what other services they offer onsite. Try to find a jeweller that features a trained gem-cutter and an appraiser so you’ll get an upfront answer about how much your diamond is worth. Find out if they offer custom design jewellery and see if you can meet the designer. Do they offer professional jewellery cleaning services and repairs in-house too? These are important things to know cause then your jewellery may never have to leave the building for extra work.

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  • Analyse that the sales professionals take time to walk you through choices, especially the 4 C’s of a diamond-cut, clarity, colour, and carat size. Remember that the centre diamond is worth more than any side or surrounding stones. Have them weigh it in front of you so you can the exact weight. In fact, buying just under a carat or .75 carat can save you money as it’s not on the popular size exactly. See if they mention that fact or that buying a diamond with the colour grade F to H and VSI is also cost effective.
  • Check that a jewellery specialist has the proper equipment to check for the 4 C’s of diamonds. Are the able to analyse the cut properly? Are they checking the diamond colour against a set of regulated diamonds or precious stones?
  • Does the jeweller only carry high-quality metal bands? Ask if you can check to see if they are stamped with 14k or 18k gold or PLT for platinum to verify.
  • Ask to see their collection of jewellery or look on www.ringleaders.com.au. See if their collection meshes with your needs.  You’ll see a variety of handcrafted engagement rings, wedding bands, or eternity bands that combine diamonds and coloured gemstones, and hopefully will find one that meets your needs.

Before you make any important jewellery purchases, it’s important for you to feel comfortable with your jeweller and build a positive relationship. If you trust them and feel they understand your style and needs, you’re off to a good start in selecting some jewellery.

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