What to do when the honeymoon stage is over in the relationship

honeymoon stage

Wouldn’t it be great if relationships could stay as exciting as the first day? For everyone who is in a relationship that has reached the point where the magic and chemistry you two had in the beginning seems to fade, it is time to take some steps to make the transition from butterflies, fireworks and sparks to something more serious, and keep the relationship going.

Be realistic and honest

The honeymoon stage is a tricky one, no denial there. It can happen after a few months Sydney dating, or a year, but it happens to everyone. It is a period when you might find your partner not exciting enough. You think you tried all the activities, and nothing seems new and interesting anymore. It is a period when, for the first time, you start feeling a little too comfortable around each other, wear pajamas and start walking around in your panties when at theirs, while eating ice cream and talking nonsense. As much this can be a good sign, meaning your relationship is basically leveling up to something more serious than Shropshire dating site, some couples find it hard to deal with the fact that initial fireworks don’t last forever. But that is OK and you must not give up on the relationship. Instead, all you have to do is embrace the reality, because hey, being comfortable with each other isn’t a bad thing, when you think about it, is it?

Dedication and creativity after the honeymoon stage

The fun is not over honey, the party has just started with dating agency Bedfordshire. Dedication is the key to everything, but so is creativity and adding just a bit of that mystery spice to your love meal. Sparks can last a long time, if you know how to keep the fire going. Being comfortable around each other is great, but keeping a little mystery can go a long way. Go to diners, take your SO to a date, be silly, explore and do new things. Fight the routine relatively. Do things together, but do things separately too. Keep your magic. Give them a reason to explore you over and over again. The good thing about the honeymoon stage is this is just another stage, a tough one but still just a stage, and with a little bit of dedication on both sides, you can make your relationship even better when you date divorced singles.

Communicate, lovebirds!

During this stage there may be more conflicts, misunderstandings or distancing than you are used to, which might lead you to conclusion you two are maybe just not meant to be. But, this is a stage when you learn about your lover on a more deeper level, your flaws seem to pop out of nowhere and you get bit weird with each other, which is why you should converse more than ever. Communication is the magic recipe with best dating sites that will take you from the bottom of where the wonderful honeymoon stage ended, to something more deep and meaningful.

So have fun, and let this new stage bring you something new to explore about each other. This is where the fun starts, just be brave to explore it!

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