What to do if you are nauseous when you are pregnant


During your pregnancy its normal to experience nausea or vomiting. Most pregnant women at least 75% experience nausea, usually the first three months. The morning sickness is caused by the high level of pregnancy hormone hCG in the blood. Although it is hard to avoid there are some things that can help to reduce your morning sickness.

Eat small portions 
When you don’t eat for hours low blood sugar can occur. It’s better to keep your stomach satisfied with small meals during the day. Check Pregnancy has a lot more tips about what meals to eat.

Go for digestible food
High fat and spicy food is  hard to digest so avoid eating fries and burgers. Choose digestible food instead when your pregnant such as whole grains, smoothies and low fat yogurt.

Consume ginger tea
One of the best home remedies is ginger. It has certain chemicals that helps with the relief from nausea. You can use ginger pills, ginger tea, powder or eat ginger root. It also helps with stomach related problems.

Avoid foods that dehydrate

If you are used to eat salty food avoid them when you are pregnant. Eat foods with a high water content instead. For example celery, vegetables, melons and grapes. Salty food dehydrates and can make you feel more nauseous. You can discover more tips on Check Pregnancy.

Avoid stress
Stress can worsen nausea and will shock your digestive system. If you have a busy schedule make sure you take time to rest and relax. Listen to peaceful music, practice Yoga or some other form of relaxation activity.

Report your doctor or gynecologist
Although the above tips might help to find relieve for most pregnant woman. Sometimes the nausea is so bad that it’s better to inform your doctor or gynecologist. They can prescribe you medication in severe cases.

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