What to Consider When Getting Fuel Tanks

fuel tanks

Purchasing fuel tanks can be a tricky business. Unless you have had long experience in the field, it is unlikely you will know how to even get started. Fuel tanks come in all shapes and sizes; the best, and highest quality, is the bunded tank; the bunded tank is a tank with a protective outer layer known as a bund layer that protects the metal tank itself and the fuel inside. This type of tank is becoming increasingly more popular and is great for hot climates where the tanks can rust and become contaminated, or freezing climates, where the tanks can freeze.

Purchasing a fuel tank is subjective to your needs and you should make sure you do your due diligence before investing in them. Whether industrial or for your own home, a fuel tank can be a great addition on-site and make it easy for you to store oil for your burner oven or stove. You should only ever purchase your fuel tanks from reputable sources as several cowboy firms will make your life difficult and give you damaged or inferior products. You should only purchase fuel tanks from reputable sources, as is becoming common, many shady dealers are selling stolen tankers from the black market onto civilians.

What Do You Need a Tank For?

When you are searching the market for a fuel tanker to meet your specifications, it is important you consider all of the potential elements. Do you need a fuel tank? Can you downsize? Where will you store it? It can be difficult choosing the right tank for you, but thanks to the professionals of Ablesales.com.au it has never been easier to meet your fuel efficiency needs. Having a tank can be great for your transportation business and having a tank outside can make your commercial business benefit from decreased stops at petrol stations, having them able to fill up and refuel their vehicles on your site. Keeping fuel tankers on site is also imperative if you are considering entry into the flying, shipping, or construction industries.

What Are The Regulations?

Having a tank on the site comes with strict regulations you must adhere to, otherwise, you are at risk of having your operation shut down. In order to hold two hundred liters or more of fuel there are strict storage regulations you must be able to meet, and if you cannot, you will be unable to store more than the aforesaid two hundred liters. The aforementioned ‘bunded’ tanks are mandatory if you are considering holding over two hundred liters of fuel, and comparatively, are largely inexpensive to their more conventional cousins.

‘Bunded’ tanks can be purchased from government-sponsored retailers as they are of course mandatory by the government if you wish to store over two hundred liters of fuel. You can arrange bulk purchases and deals with your local government or council to get tanks for a lot less than you ordinarily would elsewhere.

What Are the Benefits of Keeping Tanks on Site?

There was a time not long ago when tanks were a strange thing, rather people used drums of fuel, hundreds of thousands of drums of fuel. Fuel tanks offer a great storage capacity and far outweigh other drums in storage quantity. You can get fuel tanks with infinite storage and can go bigger and bigger, depending on your needs. You should only ever buy a storage tank that meets your criteria to save money as there’s little point spending money on a tank that is too large or too small for your personal needs or your business needs. Be sure to have a surveyor go through and estimate how much you will need before you make an initial purchase and sink money into tankers.

Fuel tanks are robust and are built to last. They can withstand a variety of weather conditions, temperatures, and elements. You should only ever order tankers that are suited to your country’s climate which is why an international purchase is not recommended; each tanker is catered around the climate in which it is distributed, so thereby ordering fuel tankers from abroad, you may end up not being able to safely and successfully store your fuel in it, which could cause no end of problems for the future and potentially ruin your business and your fuel.

Fuel is quite often stolen and is a valuable asset to any business; the use of tanks offers untold levels of security for your business and ensures you will not become the victim of theft and your business will continue successfully for many years. Poorly designed tankers or improperly stored fuel can easily become the victim of theft and there are organized crime groups dedicated entirely to the theft of fuel tankers, which is why you should be very careful in who you do business with and how you store your fuel. You can’t risk losing millions of pounds, which can easily happen if you improperly store your fuel.

Should I Lease or Buy Fuel Tankers?

Deciding whether to lease or buy a fuel tanker can be a difficult choice to make and a lot can ride on it. Leasing fuel tankers does come with its immediate benefits, such as a cost spread out and a cheaper upfront payment, and insurance, as well as other benefits, such as free transport to and from your site, whereas buying a tank can come with its benefits.

Owning your fuel tanks will ensure full control over your tankers. If a leasing company goes bankrupt your tanks will be repossessed with the fuel still inside and you will have to take the matter to court to reclaim your fuel.

Owning your tanker also gives you more control over what you do with the tankers and how you use them. Storing fuel is an expensive business so it is better to not be in anyone else’s pocket when you are storing your fuel. It is recommended you buy your fuel tankers instead of leasing.

When storing fuel, you have to exert complete safety and control in adherence to government guidelines and regulations. You must do this to ensure the safety of everybody around you, your business, and yourself.

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