What to Consider before Choosing a Tattoo Studio

tattoo studio

When you’re ready to get a new tattoo, it’s important to realise that the studio you visit will ultimately determine the quality of your tattoo. While you may assume that all establishments are the same, each studio will have different artists with different capabilities. If you want to choose the right studio, here are a few tips to follow to ensure you find the right fit.

Get Recommendations

When trying to find somewhere that you can trust, consider asking those around you for recommendations on the best tattoo shops in Melbourne. Take a close look at the different tattoos that your family members and friends have to determine if you want the same style or quality when requesting recommendations.

You can also schedule a consultation to speak with the tattoo artist that you’ll be working with and discuss what you want. Meeting the artist in advance and asking to see some of their work can help you to decide if they’re the right choice for you. The person you choose should have a similar style to what you’re looking for and should also have several years of experience in the industry.

Read Online Reviews

You can also take advantage of the internet when researching tattoo studios. Many customers post their ratings of each establishment online with comments about their experience, which can provide you with valuable insight. You can also get the chance to review different images of tattoos to determine if you’re satisfied with the quality and skill level of the artists.

Know What You Want

Many people make the mistake of walking into a tattoo studio without knowing what they want. If you’re unsure of the specifications of what you want, then you likely won’t be satisfied with the final product. Do your research ahead of time and print out a number of images to communicate what you want to put on your body. Having patience with the process and feeling confident in what you want is necessary, especially since it’s a permanent decision.

Choose a Clean Location

While many tattoo shops in Melbourne are known to have a grunge or gothic look, it’s still important that they’re clean and sanitary. After all, it’s a business that’s similar to a hair salon and should be kept in order to ensure that your health is protected. Check out the conditions of the studio in advance, and take a close look at the room where you’ll be getting the tattoo to determine if the place is well maintained by the staff.

Ensure the Studio is Licensed

Look into the background of the tattoo studio that you select to ensure that they’re fully licensed and legally allowed to work on customers. Choosing a reputable, licensed studio is the best way to ensure you’ll be left feeling satisfied with the experience and the end result. By doing plenty of research beforehand, you’ll feel more confident about the establishment you choose for your new tattoo.



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