What Online Games are Most Often Chosen by Users?

Online gaming, in many forms, has been rising exponentially over the last few decades. But what games are most played might surprise you.


What Are The Most Popular Genres of Games?

It is fascinating how much of a contentious question this is in the global gaming community. Depending on who you ask, the answer can differ significantly, as there are different definitions of what even constitutes a game. From Wordle to World of Warcraft, online games come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

If we include a strict definition of a game, a puzzle game like Candy Crush wouldn’t count as you don’t have anything working against you. But, most people would consider this a game, and if put that in our calculation the average choice changes significantly, as well as how the average gamer looks like.

In total, the top three spots for all online games can be set into three categories:

  1. Casual games
  2. First Person Shooters
  3. Gambling games

Each of these can be further divided. It is interesting if we think that more people visit gambling platforms like Ozwin Casino at https://blackjack77australia.com/best-online-casinos/ozwin than they do some of the most popular AAA titles.

Actually, amongst all players when we include mobile casual games, the average consumer is closer to a woman in her forties, rather than the pasty 20-something we usually think of when we think of a ‘’gamer’’, which is more what the FPS player looks like.

First and 3rd Person Shooters

With games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends, the shooter games have more than 200 million players each month. In many cases, this is due to the cross-platform compatibility of many of these games that allow people to play from their phones.

Also, some of these games have been around and popular for relatively a long time. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been active since 2014 and has more than 30 million active players. This game started as just a mod for Half-Life back in 2000 and has been developing since.

Gambling Games

Especially when it comes to island nations, gambling games are incredibly popular. As previously mentioned, the Ozwin Casino Australia sees thousands of Aussies every day. And while they can be considered one of the top online casinos Australia has to offer, it is just one of many such operators.

The best Australian online casino operators bring in millions of players every day, even from outside of the country. And these games can range from Fair Go Casino best slots games to very serious online poker tournaments.

Real-Time Strategy and Role-Playing

While games like Starcraft are still played by fans, those that mix RPG and RTS aspects such as DotA and LoL have reached global status with over 30 million players worldwide playing online. And while they are easier to get into, the current competitive status in these games shows us that they can be hard to truly master. The most significant advantage here is that players will always be matched with people of their relative skill level, making the infinite replayability of the same map possible and even exciting.

Card Games

Card games, particularly Hearthstone, can’t be disregarded when it comes to what users choose, and it is one of the genres that is accepted by the ‘’gaming community’’ as being true games that dim the line between casual and competitive, as it truly is both. Because of this, the demographic of the game is also a bit different, with the average player being over the age of 25 and the game having a quarter of their players reporting being female.

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