What Nutrients Do Senior Dogs Need?

senior dogs

Dogs are bound to grow old at some point in their lives. When this happens, a lot of changes take place in their bodies. Their food requirements also change.

Most older dogs thrive on meals that are specially made for senior dogs while others depend on meals that are specially made for their aging taste buds and bodies.

However, some dog owners find themselves in situations where they have to rely on their veterinarians for advice on the type of foods that is good for their senior dogs depending on the dog’s special requirements.

senior dogs

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Some changes are common with older dogs and this affects their nutritional needs. For instance, you will notice that your senior dog is prone to losing muscle, gaining fat, and getting less mobile compared to when it was younger.

In addition, even though this depends on individual dogs, kidney and immune functions tend to decline as they grow older. All these factors dictate the food suitable for a senior dog. Do you know the nutrients that can keep your older dog healthy and happy for long?

Here they are;

Food Supplements

When they grow old, dogs tend to be prone to different ailments, some of which are very common with aging dogs. In addition, their immune systems get weaker compared to before, meaning that they are going to fall sick from time to time. For a complete pet nutrition Nutra Complete for Dogs ingredients is recommended.

A very common condition in senior dogs is arthritis. When feeding your senior dog, you need to look for food supplements that get rid of these illnesses or reduce the pain associated with them.

For instance, you can use CBD for arthritic dogs to reduce the inflammation and pain caused by arthritis. Your senior dog is also going to benefit from using CBD in that it reduces seizures, anxiety, and stress.

Fat – Depending on Different Dogs

The level of fat on a senior dog’s food varies from one dog to another. It is important to note that even though fat might be an essential nutrient, taking a lot of it leads to obesity. This means that the need for fat on older dogs’ diets depends on a lot of things.

To understand what your dog needs, you can consult a veterinarian who will assess your dog to determine things such as the condition of the dog’s body as well as its weight.

Dogs with a notable weight need low levels of fat while those that are picky with food or are underweight need a lot of fat.

Dog owners might also have to make their senior dog’s food on their own instead of having to rely on the readily available meals in the market.

This happens when you need to address specific problems affecting your dog. The baseline is making sure that your dog is healthy and happy at old age.

Fewer Carbohydrates and Fiber

Growing old might affect the digestive systems of some older dogs. This makes it difficult for these dogs to digest and absorb meals rich in fiber. It, therefore, means that depending on the requirements of your dog, you might have to look for meals with less fiber.

However, even though some senior dogs might find it difficult to digest fiber, you still need to make sure that there is some fiber in their meals. You can even have a mixture of different fibers in the same meal to promote the quality of their stool.

You also need to check the levels of carbohydrates in your senior dog’s food. If you do not know what is right for your dog, always remember to consult a veterinarian. Do not try foods that you are not sure about on your dog.

Increased Protein

If you are taking care of an older dog, you need to increase the number of proteins in its diet. This is especially recommended for dog owners whose dogs tend to lose muscles due to diseases and old age.

However, you need to consult your veterinarian to understand the level of protein that is suitable for your dog. This is because we still do not have the right level for every aging dog, something that has remained controversial for a long time.

If you look at senior dog food sold in the market today, you will realize that some companies make it with increased proteins while others have lower protein levels. Without the help of a professional, you might not know what is right for your dog.

In conclusion, making sure that you have the right nutrients on your senior dog’s food is going to prolong its life and make it happy and healthy.

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