What Models Actually Eat During Fashion Week

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It seems like the previous Fashion Weeks ended just a minute ago, but time flies as it always does, and here we are, flooded by yet another fabulous display of spring lines, from Tom Ford and Alexander Wang to Victoria Beckham and Rihanna’s unforgettable Fenty x Puma show. All the shows featured A-list supermodels, such as Bella, Gigi, Adriana Lima, Kendall, as well as some rising stars like Cindy Crawford’s daughter and doppelganger Kaia. Needless to say, they all brought their A-game walk and figure, which made us wonder, is there anything special they eat when preparing for such important career events? The answer is yes, but you’d be surprised to hear what their diet consists of; spoiler alert – no, it’s not just coffee and water. Stay tuned and see exactly what models do, in fact eat, during FW.

Breakfast of champions?

When you have shows lined up all day long, you need powerful fuels to keep you going. So, when it comes to breakfast, these girls don’t joke around. Their preferences do differ of course, so while some go with a rich leek frittata others get their fuel from the surprisingly nutrient – rich Overnight Chia and Oat Pudding. Both delicious, and as you can see from the recipes, super-easy to make. So, if you’re tempted to try a supermodel breakfast, now you’re in the know. Of course, not all models are the same. Take, for instance, Victoria’s Secret model Martha Hunt whose most frequent choice of breakfast food includes the amazing Spirulina mylk in combination with coconut goji granola. It’s safe to say that this model is definitely in the know when it comes to the benefits of superfoods. Of course, what all of them do first thing in the morning is have a large mug of lemon and ginger with hot water as this amazing beverage does wonders for the metabolism and keeps the ever so undesired bloating.

Yes, they do snack

When you’re running from one show to another and you’re in the middle of a fitting and hair and makeup chaos, you don’t really have the time to have a ‘proper’ meal. However, these gals get exhausted too, so to prevent a drop in energy levels, they turn to easy snack foods, such as raw (not roasted) nuts, green tea, herbal tea, blueberries and coconut yoghurt. These may seem tiny, but are filled with all the necessary nutrients. For instance, nuts are full of heart-healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals while blueberries are jam-packed with antioxidants and have incredible health benefits. If these snacks are enough to get models through a hectic afternoon, perhaps we can all give them a try.

What about lunch?

Ok, when it comes to lunch, the rules are clear – no bread, no pasta, no dairy and no gluten. If you’re wondering what’s left then, the answer is – salad! Yes, chicken or vegetable salad makes for the best meal, and it will certainly keep you full, especially if you’ve followed the rules and had a solid breakfast and a superfood-filled lunch.

Time to unwind?

When it comes to dinner, you’re probably thinking – no way, supermodels don’t eat dinner! Actually, they do because they require energy to get them through the following day. Of course, there are some clear-cut rules in the dinner department as well. If cooking a meal at home, models usually go with plain and slightly bland meat or fish meal in combination with either rice or sweet potato. On the other hand, if they’re dining out, they’re advised to combine protein and complex carbohydrates. This may come as a surprise, but simple carbs are the ones responsible for bloating and that sluggish feeling, which is exactly why models avoid them. This can be a huge learning moment for us mere mortals as well – after all, who wouldn’t want to wake up without that awful bloated feel (and look), but feel energized instead?

The yays and nays

The final secret is the one regarding drinks. Contrary to popular belief, models steer clear of coffee at all times during FW. Why? Well, coffee, as well as fizzy drinks, may give an instant energy boost, but they also contribute to bloating and don’t provide you with consistent energy. That’s precisely why these gals go with vegetable juices and herbal teas instead. They provide more nourishment and won’t let them down once the initial ‘energy buzz’ wears off. And for the very end, the most neglected and unappreciated of all – the mighty water; they drink it plain or with the powerful lemon and cucumber, but rest assured, these girls always keep hydrated. This is definitely a hack we all need to snag for ourselves, even more so when we take into consideration all the health and fitness benefits of proper hydration. It’s definitely something to think about.

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