What is your favorite hair hack?


Whether we’re dressing for our daily routine, or that special moment out of the house, we all want to look our best. Addressing our hair style is no different than what outfit we choose. After all, if our hair doesn’t look fine, then our overall appearance can be a little off. We want to present the perfect picture to the world.

Sometimes, the option for a different hair style is simply a change of shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. Our hair can become “immune” to the same ole-same old. A mix-up in products changes how our hair reacts. Occasionally, the difference is just to add a flat iron to our tresses.

No matter what hair style you’d like to try, there’s a flat iron for you. If you have a pixie cut/bangs, get a ½” flattener. Step up to a 1″ flattener if you have short fine hair, but shoulder length, medium thick, or coarse hair, you should use up to an inch and a half flattener. For very long or thick hair, grab a 2″ flat iron. For thinner hair, iron the hair at the crown of your head straight up. This will introduce volume without adding chemicals or teasing.

If you’re wanting to use your flattener to add curls to your tresses, use this trick: iron your hair at an angle from the flattener. What? Slide the partition that’s in your flattener at a near 90-degree angle, and you’ll get waves that you can then fluff and style. The smaller the iron, the smaller the waves and curls you’ll end up with. And remember, never set the heat on your flattener at more than 365 degrees. Any warmer, and your hair can suffer breakage and dryness.

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