What is the Best Degree for a Career in Tech?


Some people have forged successful careers in tech without any formal qualifications. These people are just incredibly talented at what they do and being self-taught has not hindered them in the slightest. A good example of this is Bill Gates. He dropped out of Harvard to found Microsoft Corp. Interestingly, so did Mark Zuckerberg. What this goes to show is that you do not need a tech degree from a red brick university to become a tech billionaire, but it sure will help your future success, so here are the best degree subjects to study at university.

Different Types of Study

Before we look at the best degrees for a career in tech, it is worth mentioning that students have never had so many different study options. You can now study online for a degree if you work full-time. South Dakota online degrees are perfect for busy students who don’t have time to attend college full-time. You can study at your own pace, in the evenings and at weekends. For example, if you are an RN nurse and you wish to pursue a BSN degree program, you can enroll at the University of South Dakota and study for an online degree. Check this site for more information:  http://online.usd.edu/online-rn-bsn-degree. The same applies to tech degrees, so make sure you explore your options before you make a final decision.

Computer Science

Computer science is a popular choice for people looking to embark on a career in computer tech. A degree in computer science will prepare you for many different jobs, including programming, networking, systems analysis, IT management, software development, and numerous other fields. This is a great degree for anyone who isn’t sure which specialty to choose right now. You can expect to earn in excess of $100k a year once you hit your stride.

Computer Engineering

A computer engineering degree is more focused on electrical engineering and computer science, so you will need a background in engineering as well as math and computing. A computer engineering course will teach you how to build computers, design software and hardware, and gain a good understanding of electronic engineering.

Software Engineering

If you want to develop software programs, a software engineering degree is a good choice. You will be taught how to design, develop and test new software programs for a variety of different applications, ranging from computer games to business software. Aside from its engaging job description, a salary of a software engineer can reach up to a six-figure mark annually.

Systems Engineering

A systems engineering degree will teach you about project management, risk management, software optimization, and control engineering. It’s a very technical degree, but ideal if you want to understand the bigger picture when managing large projects and systems.

Electronics and Communications Engineering

Electronic and communications engineers build smartphones, computers and a host of other essential devices. If you are more interested in hardware than software, this is the degree for you.

Pursuing STEM subjects at school is essential if you aspire to any of the above career paths, so make sure you keep on top of your math, science and engineering studies.

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